Now offering large 14 x 11 inch Flush Mount Albums

$1000 - One of these individually designed flushmount wedding albums.

flushmount album is black with a small cameo photo on the cover.

The flushmount wedding albums I offer are made of leather, are a whopping horizontal 14 x 11 inches and have a small 3 inch cameo window for a single wedding photo. I shoot mainly horizontal images and so it only makes sense to give you a horizontal album. The size just reflects my taste... bigger is always better when it comes to wedding photos!

flushmount wedding album is a large 14x11 inch album       the pages of the flushmount album are thick and stiff.

To give you an idea of the size, I've placed the album next to one of the CD cases I send to my clients with their photos. It's a BIG album, weighing in at about 13 pounds! The albums I design are 40 sides and allow for about 100 photos.

each layout of the flushmount wedding album is individually designed       layout for the flushmount wedding album are designed individually for each client

I create the layouts individually for each of my clients and try to keep a theme running through them so the images can pop.

the gutter space between the pages of the flushmount album is approximately 3 mm.

Clean, contemporary designs help bring your photos to life in this flushmount photo album.

The edges of the flushmount wedding album I offer are protected by metal corners and edges.       the pages of the flushmount wedding album are about as thick as a quarter.

All of the pages are reinforced with metal edges and corners to protect your flushmount album pages. Each of the pages are about as thick as a quarter.

pages of the flushmount album lay flat when it's opened.       the spine of the flushmount album is leather and what you might call a traditional library look.

The flushmount albums lay flat, although at the beginning and end of the album pages, the sheer weight of the book may prevent them from laying perfectly flat. The spine is leather and looks like a library volume.

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I'm happy to now offer more album options to my clients. I've previously only offered on albums and just recently found a couple of good companies that offer nice, LARGE, horizontal flush mount albums. I shoot predominantly horizontal images and I've been looking for a album where I can best showcase my work and that is in a horizontal format.

This flush mount album is what I would call a chunky board book type album. The pages are as thick as a quarter, the edges are protected and it weighs a ton. It's much more along the lines of a classic photo album, but with a contemporary twist.

The albums come in a black box and carrying bag (which is similar to the recycled shopping bag material) so you can carry it with you when you want to show your friends and family.

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