Michigan Wedding Photojournalist Marci Curtis ~ Experience & Resumee

Marci Curtis... the making of a Wedding Photojournalist!

Marci Curtis in a different photobooth strip of photos

~ Started shooting at 4 years old, but didn't become professional until 5th grade.

~ High School: L'Ecole Internationale De Geneve - not as snobby as it sounds... really!

~ College: University of Michigan - BGS (that's a Bachelor of General Studies) ...
majoring in journalism, photography & business.
Not quite as wishy washy as it sounds ... really!

~ Ann Arbor News: 3 years photojournalist, mainly sports (NBA finals, Rosebowl, March Madness)
... totally as cool as you might think!

~ Associated Press: 6.5 years covering Presidents and presidential wannabes ... by turns wild and tedious.

~ Freelance: Time, Newsweek, People, SNL, Washington Post, USA Today, New York Times,
LA Times, and many, many now defunct fabulous papers.

~ Penguin Putnam: Author/Illustrator
- Big Sister, Little Sister - 2000,
- I Was So Silly - 2002,
- Big Brother, Little Brother - 2004

~ Oh yeah... and 1,000 weddings and counting with 1,000 and counting super happy couples!

And yeah, my Michigan brides have voted me
"Favorite Michigan Wedding Photographer" a whopping 7 years in a row!
God, I love my job!

To find out what my brides think about me,
click on the section called "Rave Reviews".

Marci Curtis in a photobooth photo

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Michigan Wedding Photojournalist Experience and Resumee