"The opportunity to feel like a sex goddess is something every woman should have." Mary

Barely Boudoir!

Sorry boys, but due to the personal nature of the subject matter and because this is a private boudoir photo session, I'm not at liberty to post glamor photos and portraits! It's not that they're too graphic or reveal too much, it's just that they were taken for one person to see and that person probably wasn't you!

       "Dear Marci,

           I wanted to let you know how absolutely blown away both my husband and I were with the photos. I don't know that I've ever seen

       him literally speechless before. He got to the shadowed silhouette and managed to utter a "wow." Then he hit the bubble bath pictures. :)

               The photos are beautiful. They make me feel beautiful. And hot. I've never thought of myself as sexy. Pretty, maybe. But sexy?

       Not so much.

               Beyond being an amazing gift for my husband (first anniversary - the most interesting paper-based gift I could think of), it has

        actually proven to be an amazing gift for me. Because I can actually see in those photos the sexy, hot siren that my husband

        sees when he looks at me.

           I will completely admit that I felt a bit of trepidation going into the photo shoot - I was

       volunteering to wear lingerie in front of a stranger and have photos taken. I

       questioned the wisdom of my decision. But throughout the shoot you were

       amazingly professional and relaxed, and as a result, I was relaxed and

       actually had fun. After about 10 minutes I stopped being self-conscious

       and just started to enjoy it. I would do it again in a moment.

            Thank you again and again,"

                    - Mary



I'm sure you're here looking to learn more about this style or portraits. But since some viewers may not have such admirable motives, I've chosen to not show images. Besides, would you want me to post the photos from your session here? I didn't think so! I can make brides whose nerves are full throttle on their wedding day look absolutely fabulous, kids having meltdowns look perfectly adorable, so making you look and feel glamorous is really not much of a challenge! I'm a metro Detroit based Michigan photojouralist who has met the ever increasing demand for boudoir photography. All sessions are done at your home or you can rent a hotel room (that way you don't have to clean your house!). These photos are meant to capture a sassy, intimate side of you. Personally, I think sexiness is in the eyes and smile, so my emphasis is on what your face says, not on how few clothes you've got on. Most of the shots are done in your bedroom because it SUGGESTS sexy . These photos are taken with one audience member in mind, but my goal is to have these images be the sort that you would be comfortable showing your mother and that you'll feel comfortable picking up yourself from the photo center! The intimacy in the photos comes from the playfullness of the session, not from any actual intimacy... I have yet to see many "private" body parts, but you'd never guess that from the photos. The sensuality of the images is simply an illusion. Most women can manage 3 outfit changes during an hour session. I'm happy to give you helpful posing hints and I am open to suggestions of what you think will work. A popular favorite is to dress in his slightly unbuttoned work shirt, or wearing something that's a favorite of your partner's or a very bubble laden bubblebath! These photos make great gifts for husbands and fiances. The perfect time to do these sessions is to time it with your hair and makeup trial for your wedding. A simple album would make the perfect wedding gift at the end of the wedding day. He may even wonder if we took the pictures that day!

Still intimidated? Throw yourself a boudoir or glamor party at your metro Detroit area home. Invite up to five of your friends over and I'll shoot each one privately while everybody else continues on with the party in the next room. At the end of the session I sit down and burn each person their own disk with their images. Cost? $1200 for up to five people.

Looking for a cool twist? Does your husband or fiance travel a lot and you wish you had some great photos of him? Set HIM up for a session! It gives him a chance to play fashion model for an hour or two and literally flex his muscles!

Session Fees

Option #1 - $300 for a one hour shoot.

Option #2 - $550 for a two hour shoot.

    For every hour that I shoot most women can manage 3 outfit changes during that time frame. I come to you at the location of your choice (near Troy, Michigan please!). All 200 - 400 images are edited, high resolution, enhanced and ready to print. You own all the rights and take care of the printing. The CD with your images arrives within two weeks of the shoot. It takes me approximately 5 hours of work to get the images just the way I want them and all of that work is included in the fee... a pretty good deal for you!

A La Carte Add Ons... Unnecessary, but I do offer them!
  • $100 for any special touch ups... B&W with colorization, getting rid of wrinkles, any special photoshop work. I can usually do 10 images during that hour.
  • $25 for sessions more than 15 miles from Troy and $50 for sessions up to 25 miles away.
  • $50 if you'd prefer to do schedule the shoot at my favorite local Troy hotel. Some clients prefer not having to clean their homes or worry about anybody coming home early!

Please e-mail me to check availability!

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If you're looking for a female photographer who specializes in boudoir photography and who comes to your home, you've come to the right place. I set up lights at your home, get to know you a bit and take glamor or glamour shots of you. Sexy is in the eyes, so I'm not shooting anything too revealing. These are images you'd show your mother-in-law or at least your mother. I'm a metro Detroit based photojournalist with over 20 years experience here in Michigan. These portraits are more intimate, but never smutty and make great gifts for husbands and fiancees. My wedding skills come in handy when I'm looking for great light. I like to use as much natural light when shooting boudoir photography. This woman photographer thinks it's important to have a female shooting these images so you won't feel too creeped out! I'm excited that Michigan has started joining the trend of boudoir photography. What areas do I work in? I try to limit my portrait photography to the metro Detroit, Oakland County area of Michigan fairly near Troy MI where I'm located. These glamour photographs or glamor photography are sassy, fun, and expressive. It's not supposed to be uncomfortable or icky. Having your boudoir photography shot at your Oakland County MI home should be a confidence booster. It's all about the look in your eyes, not the amount or clothes or lack thereof! I'm also photographing boudoir photography, or bedroom photography as it may be called.

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