Colleen & Adam’s St. Johns Inn Wedding

Colleen and Adam got hitched on a wonderfully cool and overcast August day. Really fun family to hang out with. Lots of great wedding party folks and I loved Adam’s sentimental side. He was totally into each of the moments of the day. A couple of things made this a unique wedding. For one, camp call outs, songs and antics were prevalent throughout the evening. Colleen and Adam met as camp counselors at Special Days, a Michigan camp for kids with cancer and their sibling. Their toasts and tributes were touching, poignant and really showed the bonds that were created out of love.

Ann Arbor Botanical Gardens Wedding Photography – Genevieve & Chris

So if you’re a couple planning an outdoors wedding in the middle of August, you’re probably execting hot and sticky weather, right? Well, try 62 degrees and overcast on for size! The men in Chris’s wedding party were VERY happy guys indeed. Great three piece tux weather and Genevieve, who had gotten all of her worrying and fretting out of the way beforehand, relaxed in her very cool red shoes and just let the day unfold. Even though it looked like it might be threatening, it didn’t rain a drop. I loved that both Chris and Genevieve were really excited about having photos taken… they wanted lots of photos of the two of them together and while they had some special places they wanted to visit, they were truly up for anything… hence ending up face down on the working rail road tracks at the reception at the Gandy Dancer in Ann Arbor. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that Genevieve’s mother hand made her wedding dress… her masterpiece as she called it. I can’t ever remember seeing a hand made dress that was made with such incredibe tlc. It was beautiful and fit Genevieve to a “T”. I also loved Chris’s family of endlessly tall boys. Great crowd. I also got to work with Blake, one of my favorite videographers and a cool DJ I’d never worked with before. For a less shoe oriented take on Genevieve and Chris’s wedding, please visit my other blog at

Yay! I made my photos bigger!

For me, bigger is ALWAYS better and the shrinky, dinky photos have always annoyed me to no end. So I finally figured out how to make the photos nice and big. Only problem is that sometimes the resolution looks great and sometimes is looks fuzzy or pixelated and I have no idea why! So please know the photos are neither out of focus or low resolution! That’s the next thing to tackle!!!

Anne Marie & Chris – Grosse Pointe Academy Chapel Wedding Slideshow

Please wait a few moments while the Grosse Pointe Academy and Lochmoor Club wedding photo slideshow loads. Thanks much!

I’d e-mailed quite a bit back and forth with Anne Marie and I loved her right away since she initially contacted me a year ago asking if I’d ever shot a wedding at the Grosse Pointe Academy. It turns out the night I got her e-mail, I’d not only just returned from shooting a wedding at the Grosse Pointe Academy Chapel, but the bride at that wedding was also named…. Anne Marie! So two major coincidences later, I was booked! We had fabulous weather. Turns out while the rest of Michigan was roasting, we were fine down by the water.  Even the boys seems a-okay in their three piece suits. With a wedding party clocking in at 24, I want to say… what a cooperative group of people! If you’re going to have a huge wedding party… hire these guys. They followed my limited instructions, were eager to listen to and please Chris and Anne Marie and they were really upbeat. Just my kind of group! After the full mass ceremony we were able to scoot over to the Three Mile Park in Grosse Point for some VERY fast group photos on their boardwalk. Then we headed over to the reception site, the Lochmoor Club. Anne Marie had scoped out the whole golf course earlier so that she, Chris and I could nab a couple of golf carts and tool around all by ourselves during some of the cocktail hour. What bliss! We stopped where she wanted and was super receptive to my suggestions (which are always made on the spot and have to do with great light, unfettered backgrounds as well as composition). After we’d toured the better half of the course and zoomed all over the place willy nilly, we headed into the hall. A short while later during dinner I went to start editing for my best of the day slideshow and my heart stopped and my stomach lurched. My small digital card wallet was missing from my camera bag. That meant all of my cards from before the wedding through most of the formals were GONE. I was pretty sure they must have fallen out at one of the three spots I’d been rolling around on the ground on the course…. but holey moley… we’d been EVERYWHERE. And what if it wasn’t there… what if it had fallen out back at the park when I’d last changed cards? Needle in a freaking haystack. The manager calmly said he’d send someone out to look. We were losing light fast at this point, they had no idea where I’d been or what exactly they were looking for. I decided I had exactly 10 minutes to spend trying to retrace my steps. I fled to the nearest caddy, heart pounding and he gallantly, calmly said he’s be happy to find whatever I was looking for. If we hadn’t found it in 10 minutes, he said he’d keep looking. We zoomed like a bat out of hell all over the place. Wasn’t in the first spot I’d army crawled. Heart starts lurching.  Wasn’t on the second hill I’d rolled over on… now the nausea is really starting to rise. I said a quick prayer and ten seconds later we rounded the spot to the third location and there is was!!!! Nobody would’ve found that thing until the lawn mower ran over it… of that I’m sure!  So thanks to a GREAT caddy named Eric, we were back within 7 minutes. Still too nauseous to eat, I quickly edited my slideshow before the band started playing. I let Anne Marie on the chain of events and have now permanently changed where I store my cards! Never again! The night ended with merriment, great dancing, lots of family fun and a nice pack of Tums totally consumed by yours truly.