Fun, Unique Metro Detroit High School Senior Photography Pricing

Photos of Michigan seniors to show off variety of senior pictures

Senior Photo Pricing

ALL of my packages include the following;

- Unlimited poses.

- Usually most seniors can manage three outfit for every hour of shooting time.

- No sitting fees... you're paying me to shoot, not for the senior to "sit"!

- Unlimited printing rights. This means you don't need my permission to print to your heart's content.

- After you get all your images, pick up to 5 images that I will photoshop blemishes out of, add your name and year,

get rid of wispy hair, turn to black and white... whatever you want.

- No sales pitches, no hard core pressure tactics. You've already paid for you session fees and the digital files!

You can order what you want, when you want.

- Uploaded high resolutions digital files are uploaded to a password protected site.

You can download your files AND print from that site.

I've provided access to the professional version of my favorite lab.

If you want to print somewhere else, that's fine!



$400 - 1 hour photo shoot.

- This works really well for almost all of my seniors. Great for getting a lot of shots in a really efficient way.

- Usually most seniors can manage three outfit changes during this time.


$700 - 2 hour photo shoot.

- This is perfect for seniors who either want a little extra time, more outfits, more locations or want to change up their look completely.

- Must be a 2 hour session if you pick a unique location that is not on my list!

- Great for seniors who either want a buddy shoot, or a sibling shoot or a Romeo and Juliet shoot

(for boyfriends and girlfriends... seems obvious, but I mean romantic, not tragic!).

- With more time we can travel around a bit more and we can take some of that time to shoot the two of you together.

- If this shoot if for one person, it can be split up over two different days.

That way you can completely vary your look and style.


$900 - 3 hour photo shoot.

- What??? That's a LOT of time! Yes, and it's great for a senior who has very divergent interests.

Perfect for student athletes who want to showcase themselves with action shots, but still have time for more traditional shots.

- If you need me to come to your location (school, away game, horse paddock, snowboard hill), just let me know.

- This session is always broken up into two time slots so I can maximize the variety of images.

Some seniors even pick two different seasons.

- How you break up the three hours is totally up to you!


What does unlimited printing rights mean?

- This means you don't need my permission to print to your heart's content.

Make a book, a poster, a canvas portrait, stamps, facebook galleries, wall murals (okay, so that probably won't happen!).

Go nuts... they're YOUR photos!

I've linked the senior's uploaded and ready to print digital files to my favorite professional lab so you can print for there if you'd like.

They offer a huge variety of printing options and are great for one stop shopping!

You can take your photos anywhere to be printed, just steer clear of places that use ink jet printers instead of real photo paper.

How many photos do you take?

- I average around 200 + images for every hour I shoot after I'm done editing.

All the images are high resolution digital files which have been edited, enhanced and are ready to print.

What's a "Buddy Session" or a "Romeo and Juliet Session"?

- Two hours of shooting with a friend, a twin, a person of romantic interest... whoever makes you feel happy and comfortable!

- It's a fun way to make the senior photo session even more fun!

Where do you take the photos?

Click here for a list of locations near me where I love to photograph

that provide a wide variety of great backgrounds within an hour's session

and where we are allowed to photograph, the locations are free and they are safe.

If you'd like to pick a different location, it will require a two hour session.

Many people aren't aware that a LOT of locations they want to go to require permits and fees to be there.

I know almost all of the limitations involving most locations (like Cranbrook, Belle Isle, Meadowbrook, etc.) and can tell you how feasible they are.

They all require permits and fees ranging from $50 - $275.

Why is portrait photography so expensive?

If that seems like a lot of money for every hour I photograph,

please understand that I put 5 or 6 hours afterwards into your post processing in order to get all your images perfect and ready to print!

This is also my full time profession, I use professional equipment and I have over 25 years of professional experience!


My preference is to work with seniors solo. If you (or the senior) prefer that a parent be there, I'll put you to work schlepping!

This is supposed to be a fun, ego boosting, confidence building event and I work closely with the senior to make sure they're involved in the process.

If you are there to criticize, nitpick or tear down their self esteem, I will kindly ask you to leave the session!

What's not included?

- Prints! A link to your uploaded images is provided within two weeks of the shoot.

- You can then print to your heart's content without having to make appointments, without getting the hard sell,

without being forced to buy prints you don't want or need in order to fit into a certain package.

- Most clients tell me they end up saving over a thousand dollars in printing costs over using a regular studio.

- If you are picking a unique location, you must book a 2 hour session.

I don't travel further than an hour from Troy for these unique locations.

- What about the much needed (and dreaded) yearbook photo? Sorry, gang, this turns into a huge fiasco since every school has their own unique requirements.

I am happy to give you tips about where to go and how to get this done without a huge headache.


- I have a whole section answering just about every question I've ever received

along with tips for getting the most out of the session and helpful suggestions for making this a fun event.

Contact information for Marci Curtis, phone numbers and e-mail address.

Please e-mail me to check availability!

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