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Helpful Tips And Answers For Seniors

~ I shoot M-TH (my weekends are taken over by weddings) and schedule the senior photo sessions at 3:00 and 4:30 and 6:00 in the afternoon when the light is the most flattering and interesting. I also do have evenings available if need be. I try to stick pretty close to Troy and have chosen a nice variety of locations that work really well for portraits (check out my locations. The first senior to pick a timeslot dictates where the shoot will be, so e-mail me if you're interested in seeing where I'll be in the next coming weeks. As fall progresses, my times will be adjusted for limited daylight. If you have your heart set on a unique location, please book a 2 hour session.

~ If you want to schedule an appointment, please send me 4 available dates (M-TH only please) and a couple of locations that work for you. That way I can match those up and put you into a time slot that works for all of us.

~ My photography sessions start right on time, so please be aware that if you are late you are cutting into precious shooting time and will have fewer photos.

~ You will a password protected link to your photos within two weeks.

~ While I do provide up to 5 free touch-ups, if you're having a hard time narrowing down your images and need more, they are $20/photo.

~ Most seniors can manage about three outfits during a one hour shoot. Try to stay away from solid whites if you can, but feel free to bring outfits that YOU like! Also bring anything along that's important to you. Not only do I try to get a sense of who you are at this time in your life, but I try to get a sense of where you're going and who you'll become. I know... sounds really esoteric, but I love that out of all the photos I take I'll see some where you'll look young and some where you'll look like what you'll look like in ten years.

~ Start the session with you most formal outfit or the one the wrinkles the easiest so I can shoot it while it's fresh looking! If you have a lot of things (and most seniors do), please bring a rolling bag or suitcase to store all your outfits in so you can bring them along with us.

~ I usually get my best, most unique and most natural looking photos when the parent is not nearby. Of course you're welcome to have them come along, but I do ask that parents steer clear of the process. Often seniors take the parent's comments as criticism. At least that's how it's received. So parents, please don't worry. I shoot a lot, I have a LOT of experience and your senior and I are collorating on this process. We work really well together and have fun. I know what a fake smile looks like and when nobody's having fun anymore. I usually see those when a parent is hovering, brushing the senior's hair (with the hand they just spat in) hissing "T-e-e-e-e-t-h"! Just about all seniors report that it feels really weird having their parents around during the shoot!

~ Schedule your shoot in the spring while it's not as hot, the grass is still green and you're not as busy. Senior year is CRAZY busy. If you have a fall sport or activity, try to do this when you are not in season. August gets crazy busy for both of us and guess what? You ALL want photos with leaves in them, so be aware that those appointments book up really quickly. So get these done when you're just hanging out. It's fun, I promise.

~ Wear glasses? If you wear transition lenses, DO NOT BRING THEM! Empty frames work best with fewer flash reflections.

~ Don't forget your props... jewelry, hobbies, sports gear... whatever you're into and represents who you are at this moment in your life.

~ Printing needs? Easy! I've linked your digital files to the professional version of my favorite photo lab. They've got every printing surface and size you could possibly want and great customer service to boot! You can either use them, or try your favorite local printers first with a small trial batch. If you like what you see, ask for the same technician to finish the order. Just steer clear of pharmacy printing and anyone who uses ink jet printers. You want them printed on photo paper.

~ Why am I so hung up on showing photos of PERSONALITY then PORTRAITS? I want you (and your parents) to know that I cover all the bases. Frankly, both of us need a bit of time to figure each other out before we can really start playing. It takes a lot of faith and trust on your part, but when if you'll trust me, check out the cool photos I can get if you'll let me!

Ladies... The day of the shoot is not the time to try out a new hair style or makeup. I know you want to look your best, but you also want to look like YOU! Please don't wear any glitter or "dewy" makeup... you will look shiny and sweaty in the photos! Also don't use fake eyelashes unless you wear them often... you'll look sleepy in the bulk of your photos.

Guys... If someone's forcing you to wear a tie and you don't know how to tie one, have somebody who does do up your favorites beforehand so you can slip them on easily. Also if you're a five o'clock shadow guy, gently shave a few hours before the shoot so you won't look all stubbly or hacked up!

This is a fun shoot. Most people aren't used to spending that much time in front of a camera, so please don't worry about feeling self conscience. I really try to steer clear of hokey poses, but some of the most flattering ones can seem a bit odd!

I shoot rain or shine, but obviously if the weather is really crummy and it's pouring, I'm happy to reschedule, although storm photos can look pretty darn cool too! Needs for rescheduling are surprisingly rare. If you are really concerned, we touch base and might need to pull the appointment start time forward or push it back. I usually shoot multiple portraits a day, so we're all in this together!

While I'm happy to try out new locations, please know that you will need to book a two hour session with me since I will not be able to book other sessions in other locations that day. The locations I normally shoot have been chosen because we can shoot a lot of interesting backgrounds and textures without having to go very far (and get all sweaty). Want to shoot at the glorious Cranbrook? Who doesn't? I'm afraid that option is only open to actual Cranbrook students. It is a closed and active campus that doesn't really doesn't want non students around.

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