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Big Sister, Little Sister is a book celebrating sisterhood and I am the author and illustrator of this children's book          I Was So Silly is a book celebrating childhood and features real children reflecting about their brief child hoods and I am the author and illustrator of this children's book

Big Brother, Little Brother is a book celebrating brotherhood and I am the author and illustrator of this children's book          I am a Michigan author and illustrator who is available for school visits

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If you are looking for anything related to; Children's Books you've come to the right spot. My books are about kids, for kids and is chalk full of photos of kids! My first book, Big sister little sister has sold over 250,000 copies. I wrote the book because I couldn't find any children's books that were illustrated with photos that I thought were worth buying! I wanted to find, and couldn't... a story about sisterly love. I wanted a children's book about how great it was to have a sibling. When I couldn't find children's' books that put having a new sister or brother or a newborn in the house, I decided to write one myself. My books are often given as gifts. I'm a member of the Society for Children's Book Writers and Illustrators, including the Michigan chapter. They also go by SCBWI and the Michigan chapter is called the SCBWI-MI. They are a great resource for anyone wanting to learn about writing books and illustrating. The SCBWI can put you in touch with fellow authors and illustrators and can offer lots of "how to" information about getting books published. They're also a wonderful lively group! My second book, I Was So Silly, also published by Dial Books For Young Readers is sadly out of print, but it's a great writing resource for teachers looking to get their students excited about writing. As a speaker on the school speaker's circuit, I use the I was so silly program when I do school visits in Michigan. I pretty much travel all over Michigan when I do author appearances and school visits and speaking engagements, but I prefer to try to stay near Oakland County where I'm based. My third book, big brother little brother was picked up by the Dolly Parton book club and distributed to tons of readers! If you're interested in contacting me about my books, author appearances or school visits, please browse through this part of the site until you find all my contact information. If you're at all curious about what I do just about every single weekend, check out the wedding photos on the other "side" of my web site. I'm also misspelling my name here because people do it all the time and this way they might actually find me! So if you were looking for Marcy Curtis, Marcy Kurtis, Marcie Curtis or Marcie Kurtis, that's probably me too!

If you're looking for websites that can provide information about specific authors and illustrators, in particular Michigan authors and illustrators, I'm including links to those sites here. My favorite group of people are the great folks at the Michigan chapter of the Society for Children's Book Writers and Illustrators for loads of reference materials about children's books and me, Marci Curtis. This is a "must join" group for anyone wanting to learn more about becoming an author and/or illustrator or wanting to join a community of like minded people with tons of hard earned knowledge at their fingertips (or at least the tips of their pens!). Another resource is the Children's Book Council which has lots of information about children's books. Other places that might mention me being an author and illustrator from Michigan who does school visits are Absolute Michigan a site dedicated to all things Michigan (apparently I am one of those things!) and it's a great resource for all those 4th grade teachers looking for new information about Michigan. Of course, no list would be complete without a link and shout out to my publisher, Penguin Putnam, the parent company of Dial Books for Young Readers who published all three of my children's books.

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