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With a heavy heart, I've made the decision as of March, 2019, I am no longer going to be doing school visits for schools only interested in having me come to speak. If you are interested in doing an "I Was So Silly" activity, please skip to the bottom as I would be happy to visit your school for the day.

As you all know, over the past ten years, curriculums have squeezed out just about all extra anything that does not directly apply to part of the set rubrics for the curriculum. For the past five years, I've been very sad to see that my author visits have become a way to for busy educators to get a break in their day as I'm left to entertain the entire student body while teachers disappear for either "in service" training or to try to catch up on their overwhelming workloads. Again and again I've been to schools who have done no preparation for my visit and then left me with no staff to help supervise hundreds of children. This has been a very unpleasant experience. The kids are trying their best, but it becomes an extended hour long story time and it's just too long with too many kids than I feel is beneficial for anybody. The students aren't getting out of this what they should and I'm left literally tap dancing to try to maintain their attention for far too long.

If you are a school that would like to teach their kids the joy of learning about their own childhoods, the fun of interviewing each other and how to both journal and take better photos, then by all means, ask me in for a visit!

   Michigan children's author and illustrator available for school visits

How on earth did she get her books published

by one of the biggest publishers in the world?

How did she do it three times?

Did she have to pay them or did they pay her?

Could you do it?

Was it easy?

What kind of car does she drive?

Is she famous?

Is that a run in her nylons?

Find out the answer to these and many more often - asked questions from kids!

Two Programs To Choose From

A Show And Tell Pep Talk

Everybody always wants to know how somebody like me, a mom and a seemingly normal person, became an author and illustrator. I like to divulge all the top-secret, insider information I possess and encourage kids to write, write and write some more. Here's what a typical session includes:

   Michigan childrens author and photo illustrator available for school visits

- A quick Marci Curtis bio. Kids always ask LOTS of personal questions later during Q & A, which is often entertaining as well as enlightening!

- A digital slideshow presentation of my books, "I Was So Silly," "Big Sister, Little Sister" and "Big Brother, Little Brother."

- How the real world of publishing works.

- Suggestions for how the students can create their own individual "I Was So Silly" book with friends and family.

- What's a photojournalist and what does that have to do with illustrating?

The "I Was So Silly!" Program

   Michigan children's author and photo illustrator available for school visits to talk about I was so silly and photojournalism

Everybody likes talking about being little, especially little kids!

Their memories are often not only poignant, but hilarious.

This is a program tailor-made for all elementary students ... from the kindergartners whose memories are spectacular, (and whose phraseology is adorable), to the fifth-graders who always seem to be looking ahead. Everyone gets to spend time remembering what they liked and didn't like about being little.

   Photojournalist and Michigan children's author and photo illustrator available for school visits

After a pep talk, slide show and a how-to from me, kids are asked to interview each other, (with parent volunteers often needed for the younger grades), with a set of predetermined, open-ended questions which I will provide.

Older students are asked to do this in groups so they can experience the editing process that real authors go through. When the best quote is chosen, kids can either illustrate their quote with their own artwork, or illustrate it with photo portraits taken by their fellow students.

There are lots of ways to tackle the project, but the end result is a fantastic and unique display of children's memories for the school walls. This project is executed wonderfully when a school has a great parent volunteer and/or PTO to help out. Some schools have opted to display all the school's work in a large room and have a reception for the parents. I've seen this event combined with other events, like a Read-In-Your-Jammies night in order to boost parent involvement. I'm happy to come back for such an event as long as you let me wear my jammies!


Photojournalist with over 20 years experience.

Published in every major newspaper and many magazines.

  • Big Sister, Little Sister - 2000
  • I Was So Silly - 2002
  • Big Brother, Little Brother - 2004

All published by Dial Books for Young Readers,

a Penguin Putnam company


$700 honorarium for full day + travel expenses

This includes:

- Three 45 minute sessions

(usually K & 1st, 2nd & 3rd, 4th & 5th grades) or

- Four sessions, two 45 minute sessions for (2nd & 3rd, 4th & 5th grades) and

two 20 minute sessions for K & 1st

The rest of the day, I'm happy to pop into classrooms, help facilitate the interviewing process, read with kids, eat lunch with kids/teachers, talk to PTO members, the art teacher, media specialist and do signings. Some schools have opted for me to teach 4th and 5th graders about what a photojournalist does and to help improve their photo skills. Put me to work, so I can earn my keep!

- Sorry! Full day bookings only!

Please e-mail me with any questions and to check availability!

If my e-mail link isn't working for you, please contact me directly at; [email protected]

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Images for "I WAS SO SILLY" used with permission from Dial Books For Young Readers. © 2002 by Marci Curtis, published by Dial Books for Young Readers, a division of Penguin Putnam Books for Young Readers. All rights reserved. Images for "Big Sister, Little Sister" used with permission from Dial Books For Young Readers. © 2000 by Marci Curtis, published by Dial Books for Young Readers, a division of Penguin Putnam Books for Young Readers. All rights reserved.

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Michigan Children's Author and Illustrator is available for Michigan school visits.