I Was SO Silly!

Michigan children's book author and illustrator has pages from the book I was so silly

After interviewing more than 300 Michigan kids about what they liked and didn't like about being little... a book was born! My publisher, Dial Books for Young Readers, felt I was up to the challenge of illustrating all of the favorite quotes selected. Before I started photographing these illustrations, I was worried. Would these kids remember talking to me? Would they remember what they'd told me? Would they be able to "act out" their quote? All that worrying was for nothing. The kids were SO cooperative and flexible and willing to try ANYTHING! Who would have thought that working with 3-6 year olds could be so easy!

"Curtis has collected quotes from children about the silly things they did "when they were young." Curtis' photographs are what make this book special, capturing ordinary children reflecting on themselves".

Booklist, Sept.1, 2002

"These recollection of children, ages three to six, on what it was like to be little are sure to evoke laughs. Adults will have a hard time reading this one with a straight face and most youngsters will want to share their own memories. A great story starter for groups".

School Library Journal, 2002

"The cheerful, often wacky black-and-white hand-tinted snapshots are each captioned with a child's pithy, sometimes hilarious observation or memory".

Instructor, June, 2003

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Images for "I WAS SO SILLY" used with permission from Dial Books For Young Readers. Copyright � 2002 by Marci Curtis, published by Dial Books for Young Readers, a division of Penguin Putnam Books for Young Readers. All rights reserved.

All of this here is to help you find an author and illustrator of children's books who is based in Michigan. So if you are looking for school visits by an author and or illustrator to come to your school and present a program... perhaps during March is Reading Month, then you've found me. People often misspell my name as marcy curtis or marcie curtis, so I've put those in there too! All three of this children's author and illustrator's books have been published by Penguin Putnam. Dolly Parton's Imagination reading program picked up my books as part of this literacy program and now I have over 250,000 of my books in circulation, so when I arrive at Michigan schools to present my reading program and authors visit, many of the kids are familiar with my children's books.

Copyright � Marci Curtis

Michigan Children's Author and Illustrator's Book: I Was So Silly