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Samples of wedding albums I currently offer

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Marci Curtis, Wedding Photojournalist shows samples of the wedding albums I offer; a flushmount in a traditional style, a full photo cover flush mount album and a contemporary art hinged paper wedding album. All my albums are individually designed, are 40 pages and are 14 x 11 inches big with photo wrapped covers. You can't make these at home, kids!

This slideshow features the two wedding photo albums I currently offer. The information goes by pretty quickly on the slides, so I wanted to have all of it repeated here in case you missed any of it! All of my albums are designed by myself and are a horizontal 14 x 11 inches. They are very large since I personally love to see the photos displayed so nicely. I picked a horizontal format since the huge majority of the photos I shoot are horizontal.

The two albums are as follows; an art hinged wedding album. What's that? The pages are thick like heavy duty card stock, are smudge proof and lay flat once the wedding album is opened. The cover and back are photos and the spine can be personalized as well. They are sleek and contemporary. They cost $1000 and you'll receive one 14 x 11 and two slightly smaller versions for your parents. They have identical content, but are 11 x 8.5 inches.

The final option is also a flush mount style wedding album, but has a canvas wrapped photo cover, allowing for two photos on the front and back. It also features a personalized spine. The pages lay flat, are thick like a board book and there is no gutter across the page, so designs can easily flow from one page to the next without a break in the photo. This also costs $1000 for the one album.

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