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Warren Valley Golf Club wedding photography in Wayne County's Dearborn Michigan:This day started out a little differently for me. As a female Wayne County Michigan wedding photographer, I usually start with the bride getting ready. When I arrived at the church, Liz was already dressed and ready to go! She was all set.... the boys, however, were still fiddling with their formal attire and had lots of steam to blow off. So they decided to head outside to the fields to play some ball, some football, before the wedding ceremony. I'm sure the mothers wouldn't have agreed to the plan, but they had a good time doing what they like to do to unwind a bit and it made for some fun candid wedding photography. The ceremony was nice and I got to sneak off to the side where I could capture any spontaneous and unguarded moments of the guests as well as key tabs on Liz and Travis' faces... which I don't always have the luxury of doing. We had a fairly large time gap between the ceremony and the reception at t Michigan's Warren Valley Golf Club in Dearborn Michigan and Liz had done some great research on the golf course. Her wedding party was happy to oblige all the shots she wanted and we ended up seeing a pretty large portion of the course on our golf carts. I love the jumping shot... the clouds were perfect (there's even a plane up there), they were all into it and the results are so fun. You certainly can't ask every wedding party out there if they want to jump up and down. This was my first time asking if they wanted to do this and I love the results!

This was a playful group that provided lots of candid photos during what could have been a very long, drawn out and dull time with stiff formal portraits. Instead, I got to use not only my portrait skills, but a lot of my Michigan wedding photojournalist background as well. The playfulness spilled over into the Warren Valley Golf Club wedding reception photos for the cake cutting and the groomsmen all swayed with candles during the mother/son dance as if they were at a concert. I loved that while Travis and the boys were very much on their best behavior, there was always the distinct possibility at any moment that they might just erupt into full fledged chaos! It kept me on my toes and let me capture their supressed naughtiness wonderfully.

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