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My day started meeting up with Ann on her wedding day at her church in Chelsea, Michigan. They had a great wedding co-ordinator, Tracy from "You're the Bride". This day went really smoothly. You can see from the Chelsea, Michigan wedding photography that Erich is a big old ham and his whole wedding party was really into playing and having fun, which makes my job a lot easier. The wedding in Chelsea, Michigan was easier to photograph than some because the priest pretty much let me go where I needed to be in order to get great photos of the bride and groom's faces and expressions throughout the wedding ceremony. They had their fair share of cute kids in the ceremony and afterwards we went to the Jiffy factory in Chelsea which also incorporated their train depot which provided lots of different backgrounds for Chelsea Michigan wedding photography.

Afterwards, we headed to Ann Arbor for their wedding reception. It was Michigan's graduation day and they wanted Sparty to perform at their Ann Arbor wedding reception. Needless to say, he was about half an hour late. I was pretty sure he could have legitimatly used "I got the crap beaten out of me at Ann Abor's city limits", but he didn't. I love the playfulness in these Ann Arbor wedding photos. The spunkiness, silliness and tenderness comes shining through in their wedding photos. I also love the hilarious and not quite appropriate wedding toast Erich's mom gave. You can tell the tone of the speech by Erich and Ann's reactions to it on their faces. incorporate the historic nature of the Detroit family home into more wedding photos. The paneling is a very dark wood which is always a bit of a bear to photograph. We were also luck to have perfect weather so just about everybody was just as happy to spill outdoors. I love the dancing shots that completely capture the candid silliness of both the couple and their families. Everybody had a total blast and I think that comes through loud and clear in the photos! Being a Washtenaw wedding photographer is easy when this much fun is packed into a single wedding day in Michigan.

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