Tina's Country House Wedding in Macomb, Michigan.

Pet Themed Wedding Photography

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Marty and Emily... where to begin? These are fun, loving and goofy people who have a complete passion for all things animal. They are very active in animal rescue efforts and have the multiple pets to prove their rescue devotion. So it's only fitting that they worked their passion for pets into their Michigan wedding motifs. Lest you think that Emily was the one who wanted her husband to have his wedding band feature paws, you'd be totally wrong. Marty was every bit as passionate about working in pet rescue into their Michigan wedding day as humanly possible. I'm sure they looked for pet motifs for their wedding, but either not finding many pet themed wedding materials on hand, they designed and created all their own pet themed wedding favors. The basket that held their programs was rescue pet themed, their wedding bands featured dog paws, their wedding day favors were chocolate lollypops molded into paws. You name it, they found a way to incorporate all their love of pet rescue into their Michigan wedding.

The wedding ceremony and reception were both held at Tina's Country House in Macomb County, Michigan. I was able to capture their free spiritedness and goofiness pretty well. I love the series of photos taken at Tina's Country House where they decide to improvise on the poses I've given them. It showcases their playfulness perfectly. I absolutely loved this couple and now we catch up on facebook where I get to hear all the ins and outs, ups and downs of their various rescued pets!

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