Rochester, Michigan for great senior pictures

Senior Photos in Rochester, Michigan!

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If you're looking for fun senior photos taken in nature and love the idea of some really unique and natural looking backgrounds for your senior pictures, consider Rochester, Michigan. I've been able to create a wide variety of textures and backdrops that provide an endless collection of natural senior portraits. This is one of my favorite locations because it works really well for photography in all seasons, has public bathrooms to change in, we are welcome to photograph there and there's plenty of parking.

Need to get the look of a golf course, or sports field? I can accomplish those sporting senior photos as well. This is a favorite location for most of my senior, family and engagement photography portrait sessions as well. Fall colors tend to be pretty brief and some years almost non existent, but I do love the variety of photos I can get within an hours photography shoot at this one location.

This is also a perfect location for buddy photography shoots since we can cover a lot of ground and even go exploring on the other side of the park and into downtown Rochester for an even bigger variety. It's a HUGE place, so I can't easily get both park and "urban" within an hours session, but can easily do so if you partner your senior photography session with a friend, partner or even another family member.

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