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Julie & Jason's Royal Park Hotel wedding in Rochester Michigan required an amazing amount of help and coordination from their entire families. The hotel had decorated it's atrium for Christmas, but since Julie and Jason's wedding was Thanksgiving weekend, they didn't want to make it Christmasy. So I tried my best as a Rochester Michigan wedding photographer to shoot around all the elaborate decorations, yet preserve the beauty of the hotel. I bounced back and forth between Julie and Jason getting ready, then we met for some nice shots of the two of them meeting for the first time and then went outside to grab some nice wedding photographs since it's not often you can comfortably be outside in Michigan at the end of November! We were fine in the sun, but when we hit the shade, it was something like 41 degrees! We got all their group and family photos out of the way and I love all the romantic wedding photos of Julie and Jason. I think you can tell the season, that it was a bit nippy and that they were having fun!

The Royal Park Hotel wedding photography for the ceremony was a bit tricky since their conservatory is glass and all my light source bounced towards infinity and beyond instead of being kept in the room. Their cousins had strict instructions to have the room lights kept way down and to lower and raise them according to their reader's needs, not mine. So I was a bit blind sided by a really difficult lighting challenge. I usually love these, but not knowing how dark it was truly going to be during the ceremony was difficult. I'd just get the lighting perfect and it would change! I shot some available, which captures the mood of the room well, but you lose all expressions and details. So I used my supplemental light as well and between the two, I think it stitched together a nice narrative of the ceremony, while still catching some of the details as well.

Jason's family works for a nursery, so there were flowers from Brainer's nursery everywhere! I don't think I've ever seen that many flowers at a wedding reception. During their cocktail hour, Julie and Jason stepped away for a quiet moment which both their officiant and I spied. It was so sweet and romantic. They were gorgeous and the family obviously went all out for Jason's wedding. The Royal Park Hotel wedding reception went smoothly and everybody had a great time with lots of silly dancing. I love the moment when Julie's mom spotted her daughters dancing with their brother and started crying. There was lots of hugging and getting down at the same time!

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