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Oakland County Michigan Wedding Photography from a Ferndale Michigan wedding.

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This is an Oakland County wedding I'd been looking forward to all year. I met with Jeff and Sarah and immediately clicked with them. He's an artist and she's super cool and laid back. Their save the date card was an incredible work of art, vinyl cutouts over wood with their logo and a super magnet in it. I just knew the Royal Oak wedding photography would be different from all their wonderful uniqueness. Jeff made the ring boxes, a jeweler buddy of his created their wedding rings (albeit he only finished the night before the wedding day!) and even their church decorations where things Jeff made. I love greeting Sarah and St. Luke's Episcopal Church in Ferndale, Michigan and she asked "Will you help me get my dress?". I love being helpful and kept busy. There were oodles of tears from the letters sent back and forth between the two prior to their ceremony. St. Lukes Church is tiny, located just south of Royal Oak, Michigan, cute and surprisingly dark, but I was able to scoot around a bit to get pretty decent ceremony photos.

Being an arsty fartsy couple meant they had something like 6 other photographers there, quite a few of whom were pros including two other wedding photographers. I loved that while I did hear more than the usual amount of clicking, not a single person got in my way and they were very respectful about steering clear and shooting their own version of the wedding. The borrowed a friend's van who shoots for a skateboard magazine and who had Jeff design a vinyl backdrop so he'd always have a cool background on his shoots. So we had to use that too! We stopped by a park in Ferndale, Michigan for some more Ferndale Michigan wedding photos of just Jeff and Sarah before heading off to St. Josephat's in Macomb County. I love the wooden squirrels on top of their cake (yeah, you guessed it... Jeff's creations), the hilarious kids by turns dancing maniacs then splayed prostate on the dance floor. The night ended just as I'd taken down my lights I heard a lot of "oohs" and "aahs". I turned around to see Jeff and the gang starting to break dance with a three year old wanna be. So I grabbed my camera and started shooting. They aren't necessarily the best lit photos in the world, but they are some cool moments. I hadn't seen a groom break dancing before! Such like this is what makes my job as a Michigan wedding photographer just the coolest job on earth.

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