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I started my day as an Oakland County wedding photographer with Jen at her parent's home in Birmingham, Michigan. I love the color schemes Jen had come up with and they really made the wedding photography pop. After she got dressed, had a bridal toast and loaded everything to send onto the Kensington Church in Troy, Michigan, we headed over for some wedding photos at Birmingham's Historic Society. Jen had called the week before and I believe they let us use their grounds for free. It was a nice setting to do a little pre wedding photography in Birmingham. We met up with Nick at the Kensington church in Troy, Michigan. Even though I'm from Troy, I'd never been inside the mega church and as a wedding photographer who shoots a lot of wedding in Oakland County, that's a surprise. It 's a huge church / auditorium and because it's a newish church and because a technical genius was obviously consulted when they designed the sanctuary, it was state of the art. What that really means is that my job as a Troy wedding photographer was made world's easier because there were plugs where I needed. The ambient light was plentiful, I could sneak unobtrusively to the sides to get multiple angles throughout the ceremony. When we were shooting the family / group wedding photos, I was lamenting that a large amount of sunlight was streaming in. Insta-presto. They pushed a button and their giant skylight was shuttered!

Jen and Nick wanted to have some unusual photos, so we had fun getting some that were a little different ~ like the American Gothic wedding photo at the altar! We headed off to the Indian Springs Metro Park in White Lake, Michigan. Jen had a very specific place where she wanted to take some photos. This place has a lot of different area to take great wedding photography, but we ran out of time quickly. The weather was also quickly turning against us. I loved all the details Jen & Nick created for their wedding. They'd made everything themselves, and I loved their personal touch. Not long after the dancing started, a deluge of rain came pouring down. Great couple, great location, great time.

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