Laurel Manor Wedding Photography

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Livonia Michigan wedding photographer

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Laurel Manor wedding photography from Livonia, Michigan. David and Virginia afforded me a new faith in why couples get married. They'd been together for around 18 years and had a teen aged daughter, and they wanted to finally after all this time make it officially official. Not just go down to the court house and sign some documents, but to invite their friends and family to witness the official joining of their union. There was a respect and admiration for each other and knowing that they've been through it all and still wanted to get married with all the bells and whistles was really inspiring.

My challenge as a Livonia Michigan wedding photographer was that all of the events took place in one building (Laurel Manor in Livonia Michigan) and outside portraits just weren't an option... it was a typical cold and blustery Michigan wedding day. Neither Virginia or David were particularly interested in having posed shots of themselves, so everything I got was going to have to be candid moments; wedding photos shot on the fly and without their knowledge. I'm not sure many couples know this, but other than your first dance together, you just don't spend any time together (or have face to face time). It sounds ridiculous, but you just don't... so creating images of David and Virginia together was a fun challenge. Thanks for being such a gracious and appreciative couple!

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