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Macomb County Wedding Reception

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My day with Brenda back at her house and the farm she grew up on. She wanted lots of outdoors shots and the field of dandelions provided a wonderful backdrop. There were lots of candid moments while Brenda was getting ready, allowing me to capitalize on my wedding photojournalist skills as a wedding photographer. We headed to St. Augustine's Church in Lansing, Michigan. Michigan for the wedding and met up with Tim. Brenda had been concerned because this was her family's church and they were in the middle of a remodel and had taken out just about all of the stained glass. She was a bit bummed, I, however, was delighted. The church was warm and beautifully lit, allowing for fantastic wedding ceremony photos. The stained glass darkens everything up quite a bit, making the wedding photos not only a bit darker, but usually casting all their fractured, funky color around the room making it harder to get nice skin tones.

We headed to the Macomb city offices (I think that's what it's called) to play at their complex with its cute little chapel, real train (which delighted the boys who got to crawl around and ignore the 'do not climb on the train' sign) and their park. This group wanted a lot of bridal party shots and it was fun mixing it up, hamming it up and just having fun. Afterwards we headed to the wedding reception at the Sterling Inn in Macomb County, Michigan where Sparty made a surprise visit. Everybody loved that except one young girl who was terrified and is probably still having flashbacks. Tim works in Washington D.C., so they had briefcases from various U.S. agencies filled with 'disguises' and other spy paraphernalia. Tim and Brenda showed off their dance skills with a formal dance complete with dips. Thanks for letting me be part of your day!

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