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Colleen got ready at the Inn at St. John's two story bridal suite. I loved that she had to get everybody else ready first, which left her waiting in the bath tub for the ladies to finish so she could start getting ready for her Plymouth, Michigan wedding. She wanted me to stay with the ladies and I finally caught up with the men who were busy ushering and had left poor Adam all alone! The wedding ceremony at the Inn at Saint John's wedding chapel went off without a hitch despite a few giggly moments. All saint johns inn wedding photographers at the St. John's Inn are kept back quite a ways, so if you've ever wondered why all the wedding photography from the Inn at St. John's wedding chapel looks so similar it's because we're all stuck the same distance back away from the altar and have a very narrow angle from where we can shoot.

The Inn at St. John's in the Plymouth / Canton area of Michigan hosts multiple weddings on Fridays, Saturday and Sunday, so you're fairly likely to run into another bride or two on your wedding day. Colleen and Adam's wedding reception was in the Grand Ballroom where they sang camp songs. Colleen and Adam met when they were both volunteering as camp counselors for a camp in Michigan for kids with cancer. Both of them had siblings fighting cancer and they fell in love. Colleen's brother survived, Adam's sister did not. There were a lot of tearful toasts, camp songs sung and memories galore. I loved how everybody absolutely let loose on the dance floor. Adam sang to his bride before putting on a miner's light to go find Colleen's garter. Definitely a fun, unique and special day for everybody who attended their Saint John's Inn wedding. Canton and Plymouth Michigan wedding photography usually means I'm shooting a wedding at the Inn at St. Johns.

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