Now offering large 14 x 11 inch Hinged Paper Albums

$1000 - ONE of these individually designed hinged art paper wedding albums in the 14 x 11 inch size and ...

TWO 11 x 8.5 inch parent albums with identical content.

hinged art paper photo album has full cover photo on the front AND back on this book.

This hinged art paper wedding album featues a full wrap photo on the front and back covers as well as your name and wedding date on the spine. It's also a whopping horizontal 14 x 11 inches which I love since I shoot mainly horizontal images. I also offer slightly smaller versions as parent albums as part of this package.

hinged art paper photo album is horizontal and a large 14 x 11 inches.

To give you an idea of how large this album is, I've placed it next to one of the CD cases I send to my clients when I send out their photos. It's a BIG album, slim and sleek. The albums I design are 40 sides and allow for about 100 photos.

thick pages of the hinged art paper are featured in this photo       pages of the hinged paper wedding album are about as thick as two pieces of card stock put together.

So what IS hinged art paper? Glad you asked! It's thick paper, about the thickness of two pieces of card stock put together and it's been coated so it's non glare and pretty smudge proof as well.

all layouts for the wedding albums are individually designed.       I can fit about 100 photos in these wedding albums including five or so really large photos.

I create all the layouts individually for each of my clients and I'm pleased as punch that the albums can be designed as full bleeds, meaning I can put huge spreads across both pages for a dramatic statement.

the gutter space between the pages of the flushmount album is practically non existant

One of the top design features of this album is that there is virtually no gutter, so I can put pages across the center and lose almost nothing. The pages are designed to lay flat when they're open, so you lose nothing to the center of the book.

the hinge at the center allows for pages of this hinged art paper album to lay flat when it's opened.       the spine shows the hinged process in detail.

Here are two detail shots to show you what the hinged paper does. I'm very, very pleased with this new product and love the fine art and contemporary flair it creates.

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I'm so, so, so very happy with this new album and hope this is the one that all my clients order. It's clean, it's contemporary, it's chic and really very breathtaking. Oh yeah, and it's a wedding album too!

This hinged art paper is the latest thing sweeping the wedding album industry and I can see why. The pages lay flat, there is virtually no loss in the gutters and the cover AND back cover are photos. What more could you possibly want in a wedding photo album?

The thick, card stock pages are coated to keep the smudging down and to protect the pages. These are the coolest things in the world!

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