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Henry Ford Museum Wedding Photography

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I had a small hand in picking the Henry Ford Museum as a location for Rebecca and Mark's wedding, so I was pleased as punch to see how beautiful it looked for the holidays. They got dressed for the wedding at the Dearborn Inn in Dearborn, Michigan. I was able to take photographs of them getting ready separately, then take photos of their first meeting. Again, we were able to go outside for a short frigid while for some nice photos of Rebecca and Mark at the Dearborn Inn making me an old hand at being a Dearborn Michigan wedding photographer. The cold got the best of all of us since it was mid December! We took more Dearborn Michigan wedding photos inside before heading over to the Henry Ford Museum for the wedding. As a Henry Ford Museum wedding photographer, I was able to take wedding photos. I've taken photographs there many times, but have begun to try to take things to a new level. Since it got dark very quickly as patrons began to leave the museum, I was able as a Henry Ford Museum wedding photographer to use some techniques to really show the place off in all it's glory.

The ceremony was really fun. It took place in front of a Lego castle, which Mark understandably wasn't too thrilled about. So I tried to keep Lego's logo out of the frame and shoot a bit tighter than normal and concentrate on the emotions, not the background. We took some fun Michigan wedding photos using the Henry Ford Museum's holiday backgrounds. I loved their group dancing, all the fun mingling of guests who used their wedding favors (Oscar Mayer wiener whistles, for the weeny mobile!) to their fullest potential. This was a smaller wedding and I felt all the guests participated fully, which made my job as a Michigan wedding photographer just that much easier! I've ended up doing quite a bit of my wedding photography in Dearborn these past few years.

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