Michigan's Wedding Styles and Details of 2012

My favorite photos of wedding details from metro Detroit in 2012

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Here is a slideshow showcase of my best Detroit, Michigan wedding photography from 2012. You'll see what current Michigan styles and wedding trends pop up and what's considered passe. Wedding styles change surprisingly slowly. The wedding details themselves are trending towards a shabby chic, more homemade feel. Personalizing reception venues is at an all time high and more couples seem to be scaling back on the gifts they give their guests at the reception. Table markers in 2012 tended to be unique and very tailored towards the couple's interests. Another current wedding photography trend here in Michigan is to eliminate the bouquet toss and the garter toss.

A few other contemporary wedding trends I noticed in Michigan this year were that reception dinner times are being pushed back until quite late, more food is offered spanning pretty much from the time the guests arrive until late night snacks. So most wedding guests can eat a week's worth of calories in one day if that's their thing! Another wedding trend in Detroit is the slow swan song of the strapless dress. It's been very popular for over a decade now and it's seems to finally be dawning on everyone that that style is only truly flattering to around 20% of the population! So cap sleeves, halters and even toga styles are becoming much more popular. Take a look at a lot of my wedding photography involving dresses. Most of the styles are now asymmetrical which is not only flattering, but visually stunning... something I love!

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