Now offering large 14 x 11 inch Photo Wrapped Flush Mount Albums

$1000 - One of these individually designed flushmount photo wedding albums.

flushmount album features canvas stretched across the from and back cover for two images.

The flushmount photo albums I offer feature stretched canvas for a durable, unique look. Photos are on the front and back of this ablum for a contemporary and individualized look.This is also a huge horizontal 14 x 11 inches wedding photo album. I shoot mostly horizontal images and so it only makes sense to give you a horizontal wedding album. The size just reflects my taste... bigger is always better when it comes to wedding photos!

flushmount wedding album is a large 14x11 inch album with a huge photo on the front       I've shown the size next to a DVD case to emphasize the largeness of the wedding album.

To show you the size of the flush mount album, I've placed the album next to one of the CD cases I send to my clients with their photos. It's a BIG photo album, weighing in around 10 pounds! The albums I design are 40 sides and can hold about 150 photos.

pages are super think, about the size of a quarter       the spine is library style and can be individualized for the couple.

Thick pages are a cool feature with this album. The corners of the canvas photo cover of the album are distressed and the pages are as thick as quarters, making the album several inches thick. The library style spine allows for personalization for each couple as well.

the gutter space between the pages of the flushmount album is non existant.

This flush mount photo album features gutterless seams between pages, so your photos can be easily spread from one side to the other with no loss of photo in the gutters. The album lays flat once opened. I design all the pages myself and they are all designed to meet the needs of each client.

The edges of the flush mount photo album are as thick as quarters.       The thick pages are rounded off at the corners for a clean, contempory feel.

Each of the pages are about as thick as a quarter, lay flat once opened and are rounded at the corners for a sleek, contemporary look and feel.

pages of the flushmount album lay flat when it's opened and there is no loss into the gutter so layouts can spread across the pages.       when the flushmount wedding albums lays open, the pages lay flat and the photos can spread across the center with no loss to the photo.

The wedding photo flushmount albums lay flat, once opened and there is no loss in the gutters, so photos can be easily spread across both pages of the album for a dramatic look.

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I really love this new flush mount photo wedding album. It combines durability, a contemporary feel and of course, the cool photo cover.

This flush mount album is a huge 14 inch by 11 inches and I like that there is no loss of photos into the gutter so I can design my spreads to flow across both pages and use every square inch of the photo album.

These flush mount wedding albums feature spots for two photos (one on the front and one on the front) as well as a large spine where I can personalize it with the couple's name.

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