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This downriver Detroit wedding took place at the Community Center in Flat Rock, Michigan. The facility is more of a contemporary lodge than your typical community center type of a structure. Annie and DJ put a lot of time and effort into all of their wedding details, taking care of all of it themselves. They even did the set up, created their centerpieces and took their theme to a new level. Annie works at the zoo and had carefully collected peacock feathers for over a year and created all of their bouquets, the boutonnieres, and their hair pieces. They kept their peacock wedding theme throughout the entire wedding.

I was able to get a lot interesting wedding photos outdoors at their Flat Rock Community Center wedding. Even though the venue was fairly narrow, I was able to scoot around to the other side and get photos from both the bride and groom's perspective which is somewhat unusual. Inside, they had quite a light show and it was a good and interesting lighting challenge as a Detroit wedding photographer to blend available lights with my strobes to create something natural looking. I really enjoyed seeing both families thoroughly letting go and having a blast. I've included several photos from my photo booth station in this slideshow so you can see how much fun everyone was having getting crazy at the photo "booth". This downriver Detroit Michigan wedding location happened to have a really cool stone wall, so we used that as our photo "booth" station instead of my portable backdrop.

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