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This being Michigan, I decided to head to my Detroit wedding a bit early... you never know when those omnipresent orange cones are going to delay you. Amanda and Brian got married at the beautiful, old and non air-conditioned First Congregational Church in downtown Detroit and it was a nice and cool 68 degrees, which is pretty unusual for a summer wedding downtown Detroit. We got some of our Detroit wedding photos out of the way before the ceremony. I don't usually do this, except we had a nice break in the weather and plenty of time and nice and cool nerves and this also offered a lot of wedding photojournalism moments of candid silliness! About half an hour before the ceremony these huge, ominous clouds started rolling in which would’ve ruined Amanda’s grand entrance, but the dreaded rain never materialized. Their Detroit wedding ceremony was quick (they’d kept in mind that it certainly could have been 90 degrees in the church) and I finished up shooting the group and family wedding photos fairly quickly .

We ended up deciding not to go to another location to shoot more Michigan wedding photos. I like when couples can be flexible about this, so everybody's not pressured into doing more than they can handle or they aren't cramming more into what their actual schedule allows. We all headed off to their wedding reception at the Sterling Inn in Sterling Heights, Michigan. The only hitch in the reception was that the Sterling Inn booked two large weddings and gave them the same dinner time, so it took an hour and a half to get dinner served! I'd never seen that before, but the videographer and I were still able to get all the events done before it was time to leave.

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