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Detroit Senior photos taken in natural Michigan settings in Oakland County

Detroit Michigan senior photo taken outdoors.       Detroit Michigan photojournalist comes to your home for senior photos

Detroit Michigan senior photos are fun to shoot.

Detroit Michigan senior photos shot in natural settings       Detroit Michigan senior portraits taken in natural locations.

Detroit Michigan seniors photographer comes to your location in Oakland County

Detroit County senior portraits taken in natural settings make everyone more comfortable        Most of Sam's Oakland County senior photos were taken at a local area near Detroit MI.

Michigan Detroit senior photos can be a really fun experience.

Michigan Detroit senior pictures shot where the senior is most comfortable.       Michigan Detroit senior photos taken where seniors can hang out.

Michigan Detroit senior photos should be able to last a lifetime.

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Sam arrived at our shoot ready to take this role on. She's a major theater and dancer and seemed to love tackling her new role as Senior Photo Model! We took her photos near the Detroit area outdoors where she could feel comfortable and have a blast. She's one of my few Detroit seniors who could have gone on taking photos well into the night! Can upi spot her step sibling? Their shoots were done in tandem, so it shouldn't be a huge challenge to find him!

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