Best Detroit Michigan wedding photography pictures from 2016

Here are some of my favorite photojournalistic photography portraits and candid moments
from my 2016 Detroit, Michigan wedding season.

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2016 was a really fun and interesting year for my metro Detroit area wedding photography business. I had more grooms involved in picking me as their wedding photographer, I had more couples ask me for engagement photos than ever before and so I knew my couples much better than I typically do in any given wedding year. It kept things lighter and we were able to work as a team faster than usual.

I also had more last minute Detroit weddings scheduled than usual and there was also a lot more bizarre Michigan weather than any year I can ever remember. I know it freaks out my brides to have large thunder clouds and wind whipping around, but it makes for GREAT photos!

Hopefully all the joy, the goofball moments, the fun drama of a typical wedding day comes through loud and clear in these wedding photos taken all over the metro Detroit, Michigan area. It's about the connections the couple have with each other and those around them. It's about having faith in me to let me just do my thing.

I had multiple clients move their wedding dates to ones I had open or one even let me pick their wedding date! I had clients who have been lifelong friends and I had clients who will undoubtedly become lifelong friends.

I think if I had to come up with a way to sum up my 2016 metro detroit wedding photography season it would be wild, full of emotion and fun, fun, FUN!

© Marci Curtis