Destination Senior Photos of Michigan Seniors

Destination Senior Photography

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So, what is a destination senior photo location, you might ask? Well, I often get requests to photograph seniors in unique spots that are meaningful to them or places that emphasize a certain talent or interest of theirs. If you want your senior pictures taken in a unique location that isn't on my list of locations I have on my senior locations page, this may be just the ticket for you.

Destination senior photos in unique locations are two hour sessions (which cost $600). The reason they need to be two hour sessions is that coming to and from your location means I cannot schedule another portrait photography session at that location and I almost always schedule my photo sessions back to back. It's very rare that I only have one appointment per day. Your incredibly personalized and unique senior photo spot means I can't make other appointments that afternoon. This is a GREAT way to accomplish a lot of variety and it's perfect for seniors who have a sport or interest that isn't exactly portable. I often end up at other Metro Detroit high schools to photograph high school seniors who have interests that are tied to the school. It's also great for student athletes who are looking for a totally unique way to have their sport photographed. Think cover of Sports Illustrated type photos with dramatic portraits. This is always done after the more traditional senior photos are out of the way so if you get messy, sweaty or I want to get really cool action shots, we can let loose.

You might be wondering how far I travel for "destination senior photos"? Well, while some of the images of the slideshow are taken in other states and countries, I do try to keep it fairly local to the Troy area. I'm willing to drive up to 45 minutes from Troy for the two hour session, but that's about my limit. You'd be amazed how many unique locations I visit each year. They aren't usually as glamorous as London, but often I'll end up at a grandparents farm, or a family's lake home or the senior's church or their riding stables or some other unique location where permissions (and/or permits) have been secured so I can photograph there.

This slideshow of destination senior photos were taken in Chicago, Canada, England, the Netherlands and many more locations much closer to the the Metro Detroit area. While the locations are incredibly unique to most Michigan seniors, my favorite senior pictures out of this group are ones that probably couldn't been taken anywhere. The fabulous shot with the white wall happens to have been shot in London, but it could have just as easily been shot at home in Troy. On the other hand, if anybody in Michigan knows where I can find a slightly submerged flat rock conveniently located several feet from the shore in Oakland County, Michigan, I would LOVE to know where that spot is so I could recreate these "floating on water" photos!

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