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I started the day as a Michigan wedding photographer over at Amy's house where she was getting ready. I loved all the blue in her house and her sister helping her out. We then headed over the the Catholic church, the Shrine of the Little Flower in Royal Oak, Michigan. While Tim had an emotional moment with his mother, the groomsmen (which will be referred to as the boys from here on out!) were busy playing, not always in appropriate Catholic church ways! During their Catholic Michigan wedding ceremony at the Shrine of the Little Flower in Royal Oak Michigan, I had spoken to the priest performing the ceremony to see if I could use my external flashes. He was doubtful, but I brought him into the sanctuary to show him what they looked like and he was fine with it. The Shine of the Little Flower's designated "church lady" led me up during the ceremony to a spot opposite the alter for a really nice shot. What a difference it made to be able to light this wedding ceremony. It let me concentrate on the emotions and moments, not be stifled by crummy lighting.

After photographing the family wedding photos at the Shine of the Little Flower, we headed out to take our Troy, Michigan couple's wedding photos at a park in Birmingham. It was a really blowy day and the photos show that quite clearly. Their dog sitter brought their dogs and we got some nice wedding photos with their pets. Afterwards we went to their favorite bar in downtown Birmingham for a quick toast and I spied a cool wall out back and took some wedding shots out there while the alcoholic shots arrived at the bar! I love Amy's expression after tossing back a shot. Then we headed out to the wedding reception at Troy, Michigan's Somerset Inn. They tried out their personalized dance floor before their guests came in and shared a quiet private moment inside the Troy Somerset Inn's ballroom. I was surprised to see that they had set up the hotel's projector screen. It was gigantic. I finished the slideshow half way through dinner and set in up. The room went silent as everyone watched the slideshow. Lots of reaction, and I asked Tim and Amy if they like seeing it THAT big or if it was distracting. They insisted they loved it (phew!). Since I live in Troy, it was a ridiculously easy mile communte home for this Troy Michigan wedding photographer!

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