Fun, Candid Lifestyle Maternity Photography With Classic Pregnancy Portraits In Detroit Michigan

Congratulations! How exciting, amazing and terrifying for you! Not all women are super excited about documenting this stage of their lives, but as your body just does its thing and it all starts to feel fleeting, many women do decide they want to document their bodies knowing it truly will not look this way for long!

This is the last time you get to schedule something on YOUR schedule, so book your appointment today!

Best Detroit maternity photographer takes unique portraits of women late in their pregnancy, like this mom to be photographed 4 days before giving birth to her twins. I used my studio in Troy, Michigan. Best Detroit pregnant photographer's  maternity twins portrait of a relaxed mother to be shortly before giving birth to her boys in metro Detroit, Michigan. Best Detroit maternity photographer photographs a repeat client in their outdoor lifestyle maternity shoot at a park at 33 weeks in metro Detroit, Michigan. Best Detroit pregnant photographer's style of photographing fun little moments, like this husband and wife who are expecting twins and having fun coming up with twin type portraits in the metro Detroit, Michigan. Best Detroit maternity photographer's candid lifestyle photo of a very pregnant women clutching her baby bump as she laughs during her maternity family photography session in Troy, Detroit, Michigan. Best Detroit maternity photographer photographs a pregnant mother to be with her daughter in this lovely maternity portrait in metro Detroit, Michigan. Best Detroit pregnant photographer loves photographing loves photographing silly moments for lifestyle maternity sessions like this family seeing who has the larger belly during their photography session in metro Detroit, Michigan. Best Detroit maternity photographer's fun and candid pregnancy photos of a family in silhouette during their lifestyle maternity photography session in Troy, Michigan. Best Detroit maternity photographer photographs an old style sonogram of a baby while the parents to be kiss in the background in Troy, Michigan. Best Detroit maternity photographer photographs a repeat client along with their dog during a maternity lifestyle photography session in metro Detroit, Michigan. Best Detroit pregnant photographer's style of photographing fun little moments, like this husband stealing his wife's gummy bear supply off her baby bump while she tries to work in their home during a lifestyle maternity photography session in the metro Detroit, Michigan.

Blending Classic Maternity Photography With Lifestyle Type Candid Moments.

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"You are seriously amazing! Those are awesome!!! I will pass on your number! XO." Kate, repeat client

Seriously Fun Maternity Photography

If you're looking to document your pregnancy and you're not sure what exactly you're looking for, don't worry about it. Maternity photos lend themselves really well to couple's portraits, stylized boudoir type of pregnancy photos or going with all the fun and hilarious things that are now super challenging with your new body. Some clients want just one style, while others want a mix of lifestyle and more traditional maternity photos.

I have very, very few maternity images that I am at liberty to share in large part because most of these photos are taken for clients who just really want to celebrate their maternity and their ever changing bodies, but don't want to share those photos with the world. Except for a rare few who didn't mind sharing some of their fun lifestyle moments about the interesting new opportunities their new bellies have presented. Kate's my one and only brave client who was thrilled and shocked that she "still looked cute" at 37 weeks pregnant with twins. These in studio photos were taken 4 days before she gave birth to twin boys! We'd done a series of photos with her husband and pumpkins, but I received an email with the heading simply saying, "im large…" and so we did a short session to really showcase her amazing body. I LOVE the results. They were taken in my studio in Troy, Michigan.

Unless you are looking specifically for studio images, I usually come to your home so we can take photos of you surrounded by your favorite new gifts and the preparations taking place which are great for capturing lifestyle maternity moments. Most women schedule their maternity photo shoots at the 37th or 38th week of pregnancy so you're pretty much done, but not worrying you'll go into labor during the session!

If you have an older sibling and want to incorporate them into the shoot, it's almost always easier on the older sibling if we make it a lifestyle shoot at your home. Firstborns are usually still adjusting to the idea of losing their "only" status and even though they don't know exactly what's going on, they often just aren't themselves during this time of adjustment. So I find that the more we can try to keep things the same for them, the better the photos. Many times the older sibling to be is more excited about playing with the baby bump than anybody else! I love these "getting ready for the baby" type of images. The reality of the baby's arrival looks much different from anticipating the baby, so it's nice for them to be able to look back and see how happy they were about getting a new brother or sister.

If you are looking to make this a maternity and family photography session, want multiple locations or want a real blend of boudoir type maternity shots with lifestyle, you will need to book the two hour session. I'm happy to come to your home and set up a portable studio so we can get more candid photos as well as some of the formal ones, but it does take a bit more time to completely change these set up. Honestly, most clients are fine with 1 hour sessions. I can also bring backdrops to create wonderful pregnancy photos.



$400 - 1 hour photo shoot in my Troy studio or your home nearby.


$700 - 2 hour photo shoot with family and/or siblings or you want to mix completely different styles. This shoot can be on location or in your home.

- Both packages include all the edited, high resolution digital files and the following...

Online gallery with your images posted for a year.

You can print from a professional lab connected to my site.

Free downloads included.

So long as you enjoy the heck out of them, that's all I ask!

Tips For Great Maternity Photography Sessions

Figure out what your goal is. Lifestyle, classic portraiture, introducing a baby belly to an older sibling or a mixture of these. That way I know what you're looking for so I can make you super happy.

Most maternity photography sessions are planned around the 37th week of your pregnancy. If you're getting a bit nervous or are put on bed rest, let me know and we can adjust the schedule. If you thought you'd look ridiculous, but not feel like a goddess and want to schedule something pronto, please do! I know this is a time when there is a LOT going on and you're feeling both weirded out by your body and amazed by it. Sometimes both within a few minutes! So don't panic, I'm there for you!

I've seen it all, experienced it all and am totally cool with how incredibly fantastic your metamorphosis is. So whatever you're up for and comfortable with is what I am comfortable with and up for!

Need to back out? No worries! I'll probably be photographing your newborn, so don't worry about me!

These sessions can be very personal and very private. They will not appear here unless you let me know you're okay with it.

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