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Barely Boudoir!

"The opportunity to feel like a sex goddess is something every woman should have."
Mary, a repeat client

Troy, Michigan based female photographer takes fun and tasteful boudoir photos.

Sorry boys, but due to the personal nature of the subject matter and because this is a private boudoir photo session, I'm not at liberty to post glamor photos and portraits! It's not that they're too graphic or reveal too much, it's just that they were taken for one person to see and that person probably wasn't you!

Session Fees

Option #1 - $400 for a one hour session.

Option #2 - $700 for a two hour session.

For every hour that I photography most women can manage 3 outfits per hour of photography. I come to you at the location of your choice (with a 20 minute drive from Troy, Michigan please!). All 200 - 400 images are edited, high resolution, enhanced and ready to print. Each package includes 5 free additional touch ups if you need them for each hour you book. You own all the rights and take care of the printing. The digital files are uploaded to a secure site that is password protected within two weeks of the session. You can view, download and even print using the professional lab I use if you'd like. Create books, canvases... whatever makes you happy! It takes me approximately 5 hours of work to get the images just the way I want them and all of that work is included in the fee.

A La Carte Add Ons... Unnecessary, but I do offer them!

$100 for any special touch ups... B&W with colorization, getting rid of wrinkles, any special photoshop work. I can usually do 10 images during that hour.

$25 for sessions more than 15 miles from Troy and $50 for sessions up to 25 miles away.

$85 if you'd prefer to do schedule the session at my favorite local Troy hotels. Some clients prefer not having to clean their homes or worry about anybody coming home early! Prices have increased dramatically because of the pandemic, and I will adjust them if they come down again.

Questions and Answers

Q: I'm nervous about this. HELP!

A: This is the number one concern for all clients who contact me. Being nervous and apprehensive is 100% normal. This is supposed to be a fun, empowering experience, not a body shaming, sleazy one! Truly, every single client that follows through with a booking is nervous and every single one of them end up having a ball. Here's the thing. I want you to be comfortable. I want you to love the photos. It's a collaborative process and I will never ask you to do anything you aren't 100% comfortable doing. Some women are very modest, some aren't. Whatever you're comfortable with is what I'm comfortable photographing. I'm happy to suggest poses that are the most flattering to your body type and will give you the best variety of images.

Q: How many outfits can I wear?

A: Boudoir outfits are often challenging to get into. I suggest arriving for the session wearing your first outfit under your clothes (or robe if I'm coming to you so you're not using up that precious hour trying to figure it out. Start with the one that would take the longest to get into. Most women can manage an additional 2 outfits after the one they arrive in. Practice getting in and out of them prior to the session. I'm always surprised at how many women arrive with a pile of lingerie with tags on them. Have a game plan ahead of time with a couple variations just in case.

Q: So what should I bring?

A: Many women bring lingerie, some bring a few momentos from their partner's closet (work clothes and ties are favorites), sports paraphernalia, pretty much what you like and gets you and your partner's heart rate going! Don't forget shoes, jewelry and accessories. Keep your audience in mind with your choices and that should make it easier. My best advice for final selections? Wear things that make you feel great about yourself... you'll look better and happier automatically.

Q: When do you photograph and book your boudoir sessions?

A: I photograph all my portraits M-TH only (I photograph weddings and large events on the weekends). If you opt for the hotel location (great if you don't want to clean your home or live further than a 20 minute drive from Troy), I schedule those in the middle of the day since they need to re-clean the room while their staff is around. Many women also opt to get their hair and makeup done in the morning prior to the session. Otherwise, I can be quite flexible in my timing.

Q: Do you take one pose per outfit?

A: No, not at all. We play with multiple poses per outfit. Not only do I change up the poses, but I bring different "backdrops" (you might call them sheets) so we can change up the backgrounds as well.

Q: The lighting at my place is awful. Will this be a problem?

A: I bring a portable studio with me on location so I can create different moods and get professional, polished looking images. Sometimes it's fun to work with natural light, but usually I need several lights to create the look I'm used to getting.

Q: Can I bring a friend to watch? I think that would make me more comfortable.

A: As tempting as it is, please do not bring a friend. If you need them to make sure I'm not a creeper, they can come along, but they cannot stay in the room during the session. Why, you may ask? Because it will give you performance anxiety! It will make you incredibly self conscious. Some of the most flattering poses seem pretty downright odd. "Friends" often cannot keep their comments to themselves and these comments are almost always perceived as criticism. They also like to start directing both of us which gets really awkward for both of us really quickly. I've done these sessions hundreds of times, and we're creating a bond of collaboration and trust between the two of us, not with a third person.

Q: Do you photograph "Dude-oir"?

A: If you identify as male, I am not able to accommodate your needs at this time. This is a really intimate session and photographing males just isn't my jam. Sorry!

Q: Are you comfortable working the trans community, crossdressers, drag queens, etc?

A: Absolutely! But again, if you identify as male, I will want someone who identifies as female in the house, studio, hotel lobby or wherever the session is in the Troy, Michigan vicinity. Sometimes they can help in the dressing portion, but they won't stay for the actual photography.

Q: You said you don't post boudoir pictures. So who is that top picture of? What if I want to see more samples? How do I know you're capable of photgraphing great boudoir if I can't see photos?

A: Excellent questions all! The top photo is of my eldest daughter who volunteered to act as a model (after she turned 21, of course) for a typical on location boudoir session. I am happy to send you more photos from this session if you need to see more. Please send me a screenshot of yourself (to screen out the creepers) and I will send you a non published link to more photos. If that's too complicated, take a look through my seniors section. You'll see that these photos are all well lit, showcase a lot of personality and are flattering. AND they were all taken outdoors where it's a LOT harder to control the lighting than it is during my indoor boudoir sessions.

Q: Do you require a deposit?

A: For my boudoir photography I do. I require a 50 percent down for the deposit to book the appointment. Boudoir clients back out of their appointments on a regular basis and often after telling a friend or family member what they're planning on doing. People get really, really judgey about this. It's not for everyone, but keep in mind that while your friend might not have the self confidence or interest in doing this, you do, so go for it!

Q: Do you offer a group rate? I thought this might be a great thing to do for my bachelorette party!

A: Yes, I'd be happy to accommodate your party. The fee is $1,200 for 4 hours.

Q: Who books boudoir photo sessions? I'm not sure I'm "that kind of girl".

A: I have photographed women (and men) in every profession, every age over 21 and for all sorts of different reasons. I photographed a 78 year old woman who said she was wanted photos since she just didn't think she'd look "as good" the following year. I've photographed kindergarten teaches, lawyers, firefighters, ministers, members of the military and politicians. Many of these sessions are for their partner, but often they are for women who are newly divorced, recently widowed or want to mark a major milestone by doing something to celebrate themselves.

Q: I'm not exactly a size "0". Is that a problem?

A: Neither am I! Weight usually is not an issue. I photograph all shapes and sizes and know quite a few tricks to photograph you in flattering poses that emphasize the positives. Do I "make you skinny"? No. This is about reality, a really smoldering, schmexy version of reality.

Q: If I want to be naked do you have a problem with that?

A: I'm pretty unshockable, so don't worry about me. The funny thing is though, in my humble opinion, is that your partner has seen all the bits and pieces. They aren't terribly glamorous! Personally, I think sexiness comes from the suggestiveness of the possibility of what's underneath or the shape of a person or the look they're giving the camera. It's totally your choice, of course, but there is truly no need to bear all to be "sexy".

Q: Can we make an appointment so we can meet first?

A: I'm happy to chat on the phone, but my in person appointments are for my brides and grooms only. Most clients seem to need reassurances that what they're doing isn't weird or slutty. I can do that. What I can't do (and won't do) is talk you into doing something that you really aren't comfortable doing!

Q: Can you provide someone to do hair and makeup?

A: I can certainly provide you with people who can, but I usually suggest you go to the person you normally use so that you look like you as much as possible. Often women come to their boudoir appointments after their hair has been retouched. Unless you're trying to create a certain look or style (like a pin up look), usually the natural look works best. If you are applying your own make up, keep things as matte as possible. Glitter and "dewy" looks translate into shiny and greasy... not exactly flattering!

Q: Are you comfortable photographing couples in bed? We're interested in doing a couples session.

A: Oddly, this is one thing I don't do. Can't tell you why, but it's the one thing that makes me uncomfortable! It's a totally different vibe than the boudoir sessions I usually book. Sorry!

Q: I have more questions!

A: Send me an email on the link below. If the link isn't working for some reason, my direct email is; [email protected]. I respond to every single email query I get within the day. Or you can call my office phone at (248) 688-9294.

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