Rain Creates Dramatic, Dynamic and Unique Senior Photos.

It’s Michigan, it rains and it’s senior portrait season! Photographing in terrible weather is par for the course. What you don’t realize is that it can create dynamic, dramatic and really unique senior photos.

As a photographer who always creates studios on location (or as you may like to call it: outdoors), weather is always an issue. Maybe all States have some sort of saying about how terrible and unpredictable their weather is, but here in Michigan the saying is, “Wait ten minutes and it will change”.

Many of my photography clients are nervous about crummy weather forecasts, especially rain. And while it’s true that actual rain isn’t great to shoot in (think drowned rat look… not a great look for anyone), pending rain and overcast conditions are perfect for creating dramatic photographic portraits.

Wind can also add a flare of the dramatic and dynamic to any photo. My senior girls benefit from this the most and tend to fear it as well. Don’t worry… it helps photos… just bring a brush!

So before you rush to cancel or reschedule your Michigan senior photography shoot, ask your photographer what you can do to tweak the time forward or back to take full advantage or a pending storm!

Here are some of my favorites from my senior shoots in the past year.

Michigan senior photo of parkour during rain.

Senior Photo featuring Michigan parkour senior flipping during a storm.

Senior poses with his car in Bloomfield, Michigan during a rain storm.

Senior photo posing with his car during a rain storm in Bloomfield, Michigan.

Senior posed in front of a major thundercloud.

Storm clouds make for a dramatic senior photo in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

Senior photo featuring the wind blown look.

Wind whips a senior’s hair for a dynamic senior photo in Detroit.

Wind blown hair is great for senior girls photos.

Wind helps make this senior photo in Detroit more dramatic.

Storm clouds add drama to senior photos.

A pending storm can certainly add drama to senior photos as in this Rochester, Michigan’s senior photo.

Rain clouds add drama to senior photos.

Troy, Michigan senior’s photo is more dynamic and dramatic as rain clouds moved in.

Michigan senior photos before a storm.

A Rochester, Michigan senior photo is enhanced by rainy weather.

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