Michigan wedding First Look Prank!

This was a new one for me! A wedding day “First Look” prank 10 minutes after I met the groom!

I shoot a lot of Michigan wedding First Look photos and they are a great way to get lots of photos out of the way before hand. It also helps with the general flow of the wedding day so wedding couples can flow more naturally from their wedding ceremony to their wedding reception. It also helps with calming jittery nerves.

Usually the first look is an emotional, fun or at least a “phew… got that out of the way” event. I personally have never photographed a Michigan wedding First Look prank.

What really settles wedding couples’ nerves on their wedding day? A good laugh! Here’s the best wedding day “First Look” prank I’ve ever seen!

After meeting the groom, Gene, last Saturday, he asked me if I’d help facilitate him in playing a prank on his bride. Sure! Amanda, the bride, had a very clear image in her mind how she wanted the “first look” to happen.

Gene asked if he could substitute his cousin for himself for the first look. You tell me… hilarious, or what?!
Here’s Gene’s cousin rounding the corner to meet an unsuspecting Amanda.

First look bridal prank

The groom’s cousin pretends to be the groom during the “first look”.

Michigan wedding couple's "first look".

Troy, Michigan bride and groom hold hands during their “first look” before their wedding ceremony.

Groom plays prank on bride.

First look with the real Michigan bride and groom

Here’s perhaps the most adorable “Thank You” image I’ve ever had the pleasure to shoot. The shy, but silly flower girl and ring bearer helped make this a super fun and memorable Thank You card for my Troy, Michigan wedding couple.

Cute wedding thank you card with kids.

Two adorable prankster kids add cuteness to the Troy, Michigan wedding couple’s “Thank You” card.

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