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Ben and Sarah- 

Many, many of my wedding couples are from out of state. That’s almost become the norm for my couples. But Ben and Sarah were not only from out of state, but from out of country. They are currently working in Geneva, Switzerland (where I spent five years in high school!), so all of their Henry Ford Estate wedding was planned long distance. Neither set of parents are local to the Detroit area either, so they really had to rely on family and all their professionals to help pull it together. Kudos to the Henry Ford Estate work force. Not only did they step in to make executive decisions to make it all happen behind the scenes, they were polite and friendly not only to Sarah and Ben, but to all of us working there as well. It’s a very special place indeed that treats us as nicely as they do the bride and groom, so THANK YOU Henry Ford Estate staff – you are AWESOME! They also weren’t even phased by the huge and ominous clouds that got darker every minute we got closer to the ceremony and just went with it! One of the decisions I loved about this wedding was to keep it small. Sarah and Ben stuffed everybody silly with the tastiest hors d’oeuvres ever, a great dinner, and a dessert tray that wouldn’t quit. That meant there was plenty of room to move around the dining hall and the dance floor. Skye set up the photo station in the hall against this funky wrought iron wall in the main hall and people knocked themselves out to get the most original and silly photo booth photos ever! We debuted our hats at the photo station and that went over really well. Okay, so now I’m outing you, Sarah… but I thought one of the cutest things I’ve ever heard at a wedding was when you turned to me as wondered aloud if the DJ could make an announcement so all the guests would face the wall while you had your first dance! I hope I was able to capture your innate beauty, shyness and joy in all its glory. In spite of being the center of attention (hard not to do, since, well… you’re the bride!), you seemed to have the BEST time!

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