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I'm Marci Curtis. I've been taking photos since I was about four years old.

Detroit Michigan photographer Marci Curtis with her first camera as a 4 year old.     Detroit Michigan photographer Marci Curtis in a goofy pose as a 4 year old.

I was lucky as a girl because my Dad always had a darkroom set up somewhere in the house and always encouraged me to go out and shoot for fun with the camera. Most of my early shots were pretty redundant. I think I took a whole roll once of a row of tulips. I remember that all the pictures looked sadly the same. Eventually I learned that I liked my pictures a lot more when they had people in them.

Detroit Michigan photographer Marci Curtis was a thoroughly well photographed kis because her father, Bill Watson is also a photographer.     Detroit Michigan photographer Marci Curtis featured wearing a University of Michigan sweater as a 4 year old.

I grew up moving around Europe (Frankfurt, London, Brussels, Rome & Geneva) with my family until I graduated from high school. Because we moved quite often, my only constant playmate was my sibling. We were very close and had a lot of thrilling adventures in our heads, in our backyard and even on stage. Being the little sister I tagged along, took orders well, and got to bask in the glory of my siblings' feats. One lesson I learned from my family was that anything was possible with enough desire, energy and persistence.

Detroit Michigan photographer Marci Curtis as a kid with her sibling.     Detroit Michigan photographer Marci Curtis as a teen ager.

Can you guess which one is me?

I went to University of Michigan planning on majoring in musical theatre. But I missed making pictures, so I started taking photo classes at the art school. And I missed writing, so I started taking writing classes. And I was fascinated by why Americans are so enthralled with buying things; so I started taking business classes. And so, I graduated with an incredibly schizophrenic degree! After one marketing internship I decided I would really rather be a photojournalist. Believe me - as awful as covering breaking news can be, it's a breeze compared to selling things you couldn't care less about.

With the "of course you can" attitude I'd learned from my parents, I asked the local paper if they wouldn't mind hiring me. They amazingly gave me a chance, but told me I needed to follow their new "hot shooter" around for a couple of weeks to learn the ropes of the business. I did and I've never stopped following him. I married Rodney Curtis almost 20 years ago.

After living in New Hampshire and working for the Associated Press for 6 1/2 years, we finally moved back to Michigan to have our girls grow up closer to friends and family. I still take national freelance assignments, shoot some very cool weddings and work on my books, but most of the time I'm a Mom..... a really happy, well loved Mom.

Detroit Michigan photographer and children's book author and illustrator Marci Curtis with her daughters.

Photo by Rodney Curtis (my wonderful hubby and talented photojournalist)!

My little hobby has turned into a full fledged business. I shoot weddings in Michigan just about every weekend using my photojournalism skills, I have three children's books out, so can officially call myself a children's book author and illustrator and yes, I still manage to put a lot of miles on the minivan doing my mom duties!

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Images of me as a kid were all shot by my dad, William Watson, or Bumpa, as he's known around here. I'm not sure if I have his permission, but let's call them copyrighted just the same! All rights reserved.

Thanks for finding me. I'm a Univerisity of Michigan graduate who graduated with excellent grades, but a silly sounding degree! What's a Bachelor of General Sutdies major in? Photography, writing for small children, marketing, journalism, theatre and child psychology. And what does someone with that degree do in real life? Well, she becomes a photojournalist who also shoots weddings on the side until they become the dominant force in her working life! Newspaper photography and magazine work take a back stage to the wedding photography. But while in her down time, which there is none, she also manages to write and illustrate three children's books; 'Big sister liitle siter', 'I Was So Silly' and 'Big brother little brother'. Now over 250,000 copies of her books are out in print! So how's that for a University of Michigan grad who ended up using her silly sounding degree since I now shoot weddings in a photojournalistic style, which makes me a wedding photographer who incorporates her wedding photography skills to make her into a michigan wedding photojournalist. Some people don't exactly know what a wedding photojournalist is... they think of us as wedding photographers only, who shoot with a photojournalism style. Wedding photography shot in a photojournalistic style means that as a wedding photographer, I shoot candid moments and capture moments of the day as they unfold rather than posing pictures. I'm a Michigan wedding photographer who lives in the metro Detroit area of Michigan. I'm a Michigan wedding photographer who is located in Troy, Michigan.

I'm also available to shoot engagement photos and engagement sessions. I also do family portraits in Michigan. I do photography in Michigan for adoption, birthdays, anniversaries and other family gatherings. I'm also a children's author and illustrator. I use photography to illustrate my children's books. I have three children's books that have been published; Big sister little sister, big brother little brother and I Was So Silly. I'm available to schools for school visits by a Michigan author and illustrator.

My official name is spelt Marcia, but since I didn't want people calling me Marsha, I took off the a, so my books all say Marci Curtis, but since it's one of the most misspelled names in the world, it often gets put as Marcie Curtis or Marcy Curtis or Marcie Kurtis or Marcy Kurtis. I'm also hoping you'll figure out it's me if you type in Marci Watson or Marci Watson from Brussels, Marci Watson from ISB, Marci Watson from ASL, Marci Watson from American School of London, Marci Watson from OSR, Marci Watson from AOSR, Marci Watson from Overseas School of Rome, Marci Watson from Ecolint, Marci Watson from L'ecole internationale de geneve. I'd like all my old school mates to be able to track me down and send their greetings and these days, that's pretty hard to do if you're a woman who has changed her name once she got married!

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