Best Detroit Michigan wedding photography samples from 2015

Here are some of my favorite photojournalistitic photography moments from the historic 2015 Detroit, Michigan wedding season.

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I've shot over 1,100 weddings in the Metro Detroit, Michigan area over the past 15 years. My point is that it is rare for me to be surprised or to experience and capture something new and unique. 2015 was a year of a LOT of first for me and that makes my soul sing and my photojournalism mouth water!

I photographed my first same sex wedding on the historic day of June 26th, 2015! A wedding that had been planned for ages, just happened to fall on the same day as the Supreme Court ruling. I've since shot three more gay weddings in Michigan and this year, I'm hoping to photograph a lot more same sex weddings.

I also shot my smallest wedding (6 people including myself!). I also photographed more second time around weddings where the joy and sweetness of a long awaited renewed love is tender and breathtaking.

I also celebrated and photographed a lot of weddings where the couple are a bit more mature. It was nice to be around the same age as a lot of my couples which hasn't happened in a long time. I also got to shoot in more unique locations than I ever have. It's rare for me to photograph a wedding in Detroit where I haven't been to the church and/or the reception hall. Either my Detroit couples are getting more creative in the wedding locations, or the Michigan economy has recovered to the point where more venues are coming into play in the Metro Detroit area.

I also photographed my first authentic Nigerian wedding in Detroit, Michigan. I photograph weddings on a regular basis where I don't necessarily speak the language and have to rely on my eyes more than my ears. But this particular wedding was a feast for all the senses. Totally unique and again, nothing makes my little photojournalist's heart patter more than being completely outside my smug little "I've shot over 1,300 Michigan weddings" zone!

© Marci Curtis