Best and Favorite 2019 Wedding Photos in Detroit, Michigan.

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Once again, 2019 blew me away. I had so many favorite moments, it's hard to narrow them down. I photographed a lot of older couples (many of whom had never been married before). I photographed an epic wedding IN a river, I photographed a beloved family member, went to a couple of new-to-me locations, locations that were torn down the next week, photographed one of the first seniors I'd ever photographed all these years later, photographed THREE dancing grandmas in wheelchairs, had a 105 degree outdoor wedding day, and more silliness than I've ever seen. The one theme you'll see over and over again is a lot of love and a ton of fun.

Wedding year 2019 never took a pause. It was all year long and filled with so many opportunities to really settle into the wedding day and photograph tons of unique moments, have time to play with my clients and also capture some of those extraordinary and epic portraits that have become my signature. I've also never had a wedding year that I've been so thoroughly ignored. Just told over and over again to "just do my thing". Cue my happy place. I know it must seem that every year I say this, but I love my job and I love my wedding clients. The only thing they have in common is that they really want to enjoy their day with their friends and family. All I have to do is disappear and capture it.

Maybe it was this year, maybe it's just me, but you'll see a ton of really silly moments. I have at least two portraits with funny things coming out of client's heads. I swear, that lined up naturally and all I had to do was fudge it my moving a touch. My clients were also super willing to play with me during the portraits. I don't think a single client protested going along with me despite it being cold, or wet, or boiling or dark. They just shrugged and trusted I was up to something that was well worth it and would deliver something they couldn't possibly imagine in their wildest dreams.

There are over 360 photos from this year alone. Last year I posted 250 and had to apologize for my ridiculously poor ability to cull the slideshow down. You look through here and try to do it. I LOVED this year. I'm proud of this year and I absolutely fell in love with my clients, their creativity and their love stories. Hard to leave any of them out.

© Marci Curtis