Michigan Wedding Photography Gallery of Favorite 2018 Detroit Area Wedding Photos

Best and Favorite 2018 Wedding Photos in Detroit, Michigan.

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It never fails to amaze me how different each wedding year can truly be. After photographing over 1,300, I was surprised at how many first 2018 had to offer. 2018 brought me my largest wedding party (34!) and my smallest wedding parties (several with ZERO). I had more couples hiring me to photograph their second time around weddings. I had more mature couples getting married for the first time. Most of my clients this past year were over 35. I photographed weddings at more unique to me locations than I have in a long time. I booked more extremely last minute clients than ever before. 2018 was definitely the year of opposites. Wedding photography clients either booked a year in advance, or they booked within the month. Not much middle ground.

2018 wedding season was also the year of wedding portraits. More wedding clients are starting to pick me as their wedding photographer because they want a few totally EPIC wedding images. Something that will hang on their wall over their fireplace forever. I didn't have nearly as many clients interested in my photojournalism skills. Some were, and all of them really appreciated the candid images, but it was also obvious getting those epic, heart stopping, jaw dropping portraits was number one of their list of why they hired me as their wedding photographer.

I also photographed more engagement sessions for my 2018 and 2019 wedding couples. So many of them now live in Michigan, that it's been a really wonderful experience to get to know them before the big day. We have had SO much fun. I totally recommend to all my clients that if they can fit it into the budget, we can go out and play for an hour to get to know what works, what doesn't and just learn to play photographically with each other.

Other wedding trends from 2018? The strapless wedding gown is slowly, but surely on its way out! So are really long wedding gown trains. Turns out a lot of Michigan brides are not fond of making their back ends any bigger than it already is! More clients are having both their ceremony and receptions in the same place, so we are doing more "First Looks" than ever before. I also saw more cakes get smashed in more faces this year and that trend is just odd! Not sure what it says about our civility these days. More weddings this year were tech free where clients asked their guests to please not get out their phones. Heaven on my part! Enjoy the sideshow. I loved how many truly hilarious moments there were this year. It's a ten minute slideshow with 260 of my very favorite images. I've never had such a difficult time narrowing down the choices!

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