Michigan Wedding Photography Gallery of Favorite 2017 Detroit Area Wedding Photos

2017 Best and Favorite Detroit Area Wedding Photos Gallery

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2017, as always, was a year full of interesting twists and turns. I photographed more small, intimate weddings with twenty or fewer people than I ever have, including a lot of second time around couples. I also photographer more two day events than I ever have before. So it was a year of extremes and I loved it! We also experienced some really bizarre weather this past year which made for a lot of unseasonable type of weather photos. But perhaps my favorite thing about my 2017 wedding photography season was the amount of fun we had! I had a LOT of clients who were just as goofy as I am and it made for a lot of really fun photojournalistic moments.

This was also a year that almost all of my clients paid for their weddings themselves. That's been the growing trend, but it's really nice to find out who really appreciates great wedding photography as part of their day and makes it a big priority in their budget. At three of my weddings this year, I was the only paid and hired person there. All my clients were super appreciative as well. It was just a great photography year to make a lot more personal connections. It seems the strapless dress is slowly, but surely going away. I saw more snappy suits, more supported dresses with wonderful straps and sleeves and I also saw more and more couples just simply doing their own thing.

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