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Ann Arbor bride gets ready at Ann Arbor hotelclose up of the bride and grooms ringsgroom adjusts his tie before his Michigan weddingMichigan bride adjusts her look in the mirrorBlue wedding theme is obvious by the brides shoeAnn Arbor wedding couple pose outside the U of M Museum of Artbridal party outside the university of michigan museum of artFun wedding photos at the U of M museum of artwedding photographer for U of M weddingsmichigan wedding party posed at art museumAnn_Arbor_Art_Museum_Wedding_Photos 0011ann arbor art museum photo of a bride's shoesAnn arbor law quad bride photobride and groom in the university of michigan law quadbride and groom jump photo at the u of m law quadAnn arbor bride and groom pose at the u of m law quadwedding cake based on love art workgroom has his tie adjustedflowers hanging during Umma weddingUniversity of Michigan art museum wedding photogroom waits for bride at the U of M art museum weddingfather walks bride down aisle at U of M art museum weddingbride and groom exchange vows at University of Michigan art museum weddingoverview of gallery during U of M art museum weddingbridesmaids during art museum wedding with statuegroomsmen and a statue during art museum weddingAnn arbor groom's parents reaction during wedding ceremonygroom and best man during michigan art museum weddingbride reacts to ring getting stuck during michigan weddingwedding ceremony at university of michigan art museumbride and groom kiss during UMMA weddingbride and groom walk down the aisle after art museum weddingcouple relax during their university of michigan art museum wedidngan artistic photo of bride and groom at their art museum weddingAnn_Arbor_Art_Museum_Wedding_Photos 0035Ann_Arbor_Art_Museum_Wedding_Photos 0036Ann_Arbor_Art_Museum_Wedding_Photos 0037Ann_Arbor_Art_Museum_Wedding_Photos 0038Ann_Arbor_Art_Museum_Wedding_Photos 0039Ann_Arbor_Art_Museum_Wedding_Photos 0040Ann_Arbor_Art_Museum_Wedding_Photos 0041Ann_Arbor_Art_Museum_Wedding_Photos 0042Ann_Arbor_Art_Museum_Wedding_Photos 0043university of michigan art museum wedding photography of first bridal danceAnn_Arbor_Art_Museum_Wedding_Photos 0045Ann_Arbor_Art_Museum_Wedding_Photos 0046Ann_Arbor_Art_Museum_Wedding_Photos 0047
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  • Ann_Arbor_Art_Museum_Wedding_Photos 0036
  • Ann_Arbor_Art_Museum_Wedding_Photos 0037
  • Ann_Arbor_Art_Museum_Wedding_Photos 0038
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  • Ann_Arbor_Art_Museum_Wedding_Photos 0040
  • Ann_Arbor_Art_Museum_Wedding_Photos 0041
  • Ann_Arbor_Art_Museum_Wedding_Photos 0042
  • Ann_Arbor_Art_Museum_Wedding_Photos 0043
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University of Michigan's Art Museum Wedding Photographer

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Courtenay and Craig were married on a pretty chilly day in Ann Arbor during the time of year when the sun just isn't up for long. They decided to do a first look so the could see each other before their Ann Arbor art museum wedding held on University of Michigan's campus. We decided to get all of our family photos, bridal party shots and wedding couples' photos done before the ceremony so they could literally walk down the aisle and into their wedding reception without interuption. So with dropping temperatures and limited daylight, we were able to get all of their posed wedding photos out of the way in half an hour. The University of Michigan's Art Museum is now hosting weddings and it's the ideal location for couples looking for something classy and formal. The staff at the U of M's art museum is very helpful, but they do have a lot of restrictions for photographers, caterers and I'm assuming the wedding couple themselves! Their first and foremost obligation is of course to the artwork, so we can't use lights, cords, tripods, etc. The gallery where they had the wedding ceremony, in the UM's art gallery, was beautiful and made for great backgrounds. Keep in mind that when you have your wedding in any type of museum, there are lots of things for your wedding guests to do that don't involve sitting at their tables, so don't be overly surprised if your band or DJ seem to have a hard time keeping the dance floor full... there are simply other things for your guests to do and lots of intimate corners for your guests to go and chat. So if you love the classiness and coolness of having your Michigan wedding in an art museum, go for it. It's a beautiful space that lends itself to great wedding photography.

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