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The bride and groom struggle during the rain after their Dearborn Inn wedding in Dearborn, Michigan. Fun, candid wedding photojournalism moments like this mother and son dance is what being able to capture spontaneous moments from weddings is what sets me apart from other wedding photographers. A slighter older groom helps his more mature bride with her dress after their wedding at the Victoria Wedding Chapel in Waterford, Michigan. The bride plays lawn darts during her small family wedding at home in Farmington, Michigan during the pandemic. A Clarkston, Michigan bride finishes her wedding preparations in a mirror as her grandmother sees her for the first time from one of Michigan's most affordable Michigan wedding photojournalists. A Michigan bride laughs as the wind takes her veil in the wind during a fall wedding in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Two photos featuring Michigan weddings. Wedding dress on display at the Vale Royal Barn in Fenton, MI and the other of a bride talking to her sisters at home with two deer heads behind her. The bride reaches for a hug after the garter comes off at their small backyard wedding downriver in Michigan during the pandemic. The bride and groom laugh during the toasts during their super small wedding in their Ann Arbor, Michigan backyard during the pandemic. The bride and groom tear up during their vows downriver in Michigan during the pandemic. Bride hikes up her dress in Metro Detroit, Michigan to cool off just as the priest walks into the room. Grosse Pointe Michigan parents interact with each other and with the groom before and after their Grosse Pointe Michigan weddings. A Metro Detroit Michigan bride dances with her father and he reacts while dancing with his daughter in Southfield, Michigan. Baby flower girl plops down between the groom's legs during their metro Detroit wedding. The bride reacts as her groom grabs her behind during their fall wedding in downriver, Detroit Michigan. A Sterling Heights, Michigan groom goes flying during the wedding reception during this candid wedding photography moment in the metro Detroit area of Michigan. A Lake Orion, Michigan groom cries as he dances with his mother at his wedding as captured by one of the most affordable Michigan wedding photojournalists. A beautiful Grosse Pointe Michigan wedding couple react as the bride's veil pulls away from her and heads to the water in Grosse Pointe Michigan after their wedding. The bride and groom share a nice moment during their first dance at Planterra Conservatory in West Bloomfield, Michigan during their wedding reception. The bride and groom share a nice moment in the garden after their wedding at Matthei Gardens in Ann Arbor, Michigan . A wedding guests starts to break dance at a King's Court Castle wedding at Canterbury Village in Lake Orion, Michigan wedding taking place at the Canterbury Village during a winter wedding in Michigan. A bride gets pulled along with her veil during a wind gust in Ann Arbor, Michigan. A fun, goofy photo of a bride that seems to be having her head chewed during her Polo Fields, Ann Arbor Michigan wedding is purely an optical illusion during the dancing portion of the wedding reception. Capturing fleeting moments during weddings is my forte as an affordable wedding photojournalist. These Ann Arbor, Michigan and West Bloomfield, Michigan weddings are just two examples of many. The wedding party toasts outside their Addison Oaks wedding reception in Leonard, Michigan. michigan wedding photographer takes photos full of emotion. Apparently this wedding guest has this photo of him dancing printed at home because it captures his essence! This is a favorite Michigan League wedding photo from Ann Arbor, Michigan. A groomsman tries to coach one groom how to dip his husband for their first dance together at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan. The bride and groom wave to their guests from Detroit, Michigan's waterfront vantage point during their Waterview Loft wedding reception. Wedding photojournalist Marci Curtis captures moments during her wedding photography like this groom's reaction as his husband practices placing the ring on his finger in Rochester, Michigan. The bride's uncle cuts loose on the dance floor of this Ann Arbor, Michigan wedding taking place at the Michigan League in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The father of the bride clutches the groom's hand with a menacing look before the groom's Macomb County, Michigan wedding. The bridesmaids tear up during a couple's vows in Detroit, Michigan's waterfront vantage point during their Waterview Loft wedding reception. The ring bearer and flower girl share a kiss before a wedding in Metro Detroit, Michigan. The bride played a prank on her bridesmaids while taking formal wedding photos at the Waldenwoods Resort in Hartland, Michigan. The bridesmaids react to a prank played on them by the bride while taking formal wedding photos at the Waldenwoods Resort in Hartland, Michigan. Two flower girls amuse themselves at their Rochester, Michigan wedding reception flaying with barbies on the dance floor before the wedding reception begins at the Royal Park Hotel. The bride and groom have a slight wardrobe malfunction while aboard their Infinity and Ovation Yacht wedding in Michigan. A Grosse Pointe Michigan bride gets ready at the Grosse Pointe Pier in Michigan. Candid style wedding photography is wedding photojournalism which tells the wedding day story through candid moments in Detroit, Michigan.

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Being a real photojournalist gives me a huge edge over other wedding photographers. I'm used to watching for the moments and capturing things as they unfold. I'm used to disappearing into the background so clients forget I'm there... even when I'm actually about 2 feet away. I'm invisible. That's the secret that allows me to be sneaky and get so many candid and unguarded moments. These little storytelling moments are what will make your wedding day so special. It's the stuff you'll forget. I'm hear to remind you and bring back your entire wedding day back to you moment by moment.

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