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A couple stands on the beach after an early winter sunset at Waldenwoods Resort in Howell, Michigan. The brides breath turns steamy during their winter wedding in Troy, Michigan. The maid of honor gets ready in the bathroom while the mother of the bride tries to take photos while also babysitting. The bride's daughter shakes off sleep before getting dressed for her parent's wedding while a couple lays in bed for this fun photo in Pittsburgh, PA. The bride spits out her gum into the maid of honor's hand during an impromptu family photo at a church in Macomb, Michigan. Bride and groom smooch in front of a fountain for this romantic photo at Addison Oaks Buhl Estate in Leonard, Michigan. Bride and groom on top of a hill after a storm made this dramatic sunset photo at Stonebridge Golf Course in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The bride and groom for this goofy photo in Ann Arbor while two bridesmaids make out of the stairs down to the reception hall at the Captain's Club in Grand Blanc, Michigan. The bride's in laws all help sort out her dress before heading to her wedding in Pittsburgh, Pa. The bride waves to friends during her blustery wedding in Brighton, Michigan. Bride and groom head away from the pond before a storm hits at Addison Oaks Buhl Estate in Leonard, Michigan. One of the groomsmen reflects two grooms in his sunglasses. A wedding guest runs back into the Freighthouse to dance to a song during the wedding reception in Ypsilanti, Michigan. A flower girl hides under the altar while the Michigan bride gets ready during this Washtenaw County Michigan wedding. Epic wedding day bride portraits like this one taken at the Crofoot Ballroom in Pontiac, Michigan features a bride standing at the window just before a storm blew in. The bride laughs at a horse's attempt to spit on her during her Holly Hotel wedding in Holly, Michigan. Bride gets ready in a horse stall before her amazingly elegant wedding at the Red Ridinghood Stable in Holly, Michigan. The groom and bride post at sundown at the Detroit Zoo in Royal Oak, Michigan where they had their wedding ceremony. The maid of honor bows her head along with the bride in prayer just before she heads down the aisle in the photojournalist style of wedding photography taken by best, most affordable Michigan wedding photographer, Marci Curtis. A groom leads his new bride out of the Troy wedding chapel in Troy, Michigan. Fun, candid wedding photojournalism moments like this mother and son dance is what being able to capture spontaneous moments from weddings is what sets me apart from other wedding photographers. A Clarkston, Michigan bride finishes her wedding preparations in a mirror as her grandmother sees her for the first time from one of Michigan's most affordable Michigan wedding photojournalists. A Metro Detroit, Michigan lesbian couple just happened to get married on June 26th, a historic day legalizing gay marriage taken by photographer voted Best Michigan Wedding Photographer, Marci Curtis. Michigan wedding photographer photographs candids portraits during Detroit weddings. A wedding guest licks the frosting from the wedding cake at the Van Heusen Historical Farm in Rochester, Michigan. A bride gets dressed in the mirror in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Bride hikes up her dress in Metro Detroit, Michigan to cool off just as the priest walks into the room. A bridesmaid gets ready in Rochester, Michigan at the hotel while the bride's dress hangs in the mirror taken by bride's favorite Michigan wedding photographer. Candid style wedding photography is wedding photojournalism which tells the wedding day story through candid moments in Detroit, Michigan. Apparently this wedding guest has this photo of him dancing printed at home because it captures his essence! This is a favorite Michigan League wedding photo from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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I decided to pull out some of my favorite wedding day photos to create a gallery for clients to see the variety of images that I personally love. I couldn't fit anywhere near the 150 of my all time favorite wedding photos on the main pages, so here we are. Sometimes I love the photo, but usually it's because I love the people in them, or the photo was one I worked really hard for, or the stars all aligned to make magic or there's a great story going on in that photo that brings me back to a really special wedding day, like the photo I added "June 26th" to a photo. Just happened to be the day gay marriage became legal while I was photographing an amazing same sex couple. It was such a fabulous and amazingly emotional wedding day for all of us and this is still one of my all time favorite couples. So all of these are photos that still touch my heart and bring me back to a wedding day I loved.

A lot of these photos are more subtle. Even my sweet hubby was wondering, "What's up with the bride getting ready in a horse stall?". See, things like that delight me. The venue is a horse racing stable and I love that the venue pulled out all the stops to write "Happy Wedding Day" on a white board for the bride, but she's still getting ready in a working horse stall. The "glamor" of the day versus the reality of it always crack me up.

I also love all the stories behind all of these photos. They are my darlings and sometimes it's hard to "kill your darlings". This could mean I found a fleeting moment or I set something up that was really challenging and still pulled it off or it basically appeals to my quirky sense of humor. Enjoy!

Thanks for your patience and hope you'll check out more galleries while you're here.

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