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2022 - Favorite Wedding Photos - Part 2

2022 - Favorite Wedding Photos; Fun Portraits and Wedding Reception

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2022 was the year that couples said, "YES" to everything I suggested. We spent as much time as possible outdoors getting unique portraits in some very alarming temperatures. I focused on getting at least one truly unique "EPIC portrait" of my couples at every wedding. I was at a lot of new to me locations this year seeing as the pandemic created some new, smaller and intimate wedding locations.

I also had more time to play with my Detroit wedding couples since they tended to have smaller wedding parties or were happy to ditch them to get some time alone (with me trailing along). I also photographed two amazing destination weddings this year and am already looking forward to more in 2023.

You all know I'm all about capturing all those behind the scenes candid moments and there are plenty of those here in the reception photos, but I also do love creating those amazing story telling epic portraits.

Receptions this year (my busiest year in over a decade) were as different each wedding day as they could possibly be. From the elegant Meadowbrook Hall to downtown Detroit restaurants, it was nice to not photograph a tent every weekend. Don't get me wrong... I love backyard weddings, but that's pretty much all I saw for two wedding seasons.

Wedding guests were super playful in 2022. Almost half my wedding couples in 2022 were already legal including three that had already been married for over 2 years!

With little pressure to perform and a group of friends and family ready to celebrate, it meant there was a lot of partying and playfulness which is a wedding photographer's paradise.

This year was non stop, so much fun, so many unique venues, so many calm, couples with lots of life experience all who chose to take the plunge this year. Amazing!

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