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2022 - Favorite Wedding Photos - Part 1

2022 - Favorite Wedding Photos; Getting Ready, First Looks and Ceremony Photos

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2022 was an amazing year for weddings. Almost half my clients were already legally married, but had postponed their big ceremonies (and/or) wedding receptions until 2022.

This year I decided to break down my almost 500 favorite wedding images into two slideshows. The first (this one) features couples getting ready, a LOT of "First Looks" (both with fathers and their partners) and favorites from wedding ceremonies.

This is the short slide show! What are some of the really unique things about 2022? This was my busiest wedding season in a long, long time. Also, many of my couples were more mature. Couples are getting married later in life and/or taking the plunge again. What makes these wedding so damn fun to cover is that there is minimal drama, small to no wedding parties, a sense of calm and pure joy.

Also, almost all of my couples who were having their weddings and ceremonies in the same location (and many that weren't) almost all took my advice and had a first look. It really helps get the nerves in check, leads to more emotional wedding ceremonies (surprise!) and gives couples the time they need and want to spend with their friends and family.

Another difference in 2022? Large wedding parties are on their way out! Maybe it's just the age of my clients these days (millennials and GenXers galore), but I photographed a lot of Detroit area weddings with tiny or no wedding party standing up with them.

Drinking was a huge presence in almost all of the weddings. I thought people built up a huge resistance to alcohol during the pandemic, but it must have worn off. There was a lot of heavy duty drinking this year. Sort of like they were making up for all the parties they missed?

Once again, I came away in 2022 feeling like I'd made a lot of personal friends. There is nothing better than being part of a fantastic wedding and bonding with the couple so thoroughly. You all rock!

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