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Details of Pricing Information

For Individual and Buddy Packages

My "senior package" and pricing is pretty straight forward. The individual senior photo package starts and ENDS at


What does this price include?

- An hour of on location shooting time, which studios sometimes call a sitting fee.

- Usually most seniors can manage three outfit changes during this time.

- Unlimited poses during the hour.

- Unlimited printing rights. This means you don't need my permission to print to your heart's content. Make a book, a poster, a canvas portrait, stamps, facebook galleries, wall murals (okay, so that probably won't happen!). Go nuts... they're YOUR photos! My personal favorite printer is a company called Mpix.com. Check out their very reasonable printing prices so you can see just how much you'll be saving over regular studios. You can take your photos anywhere to be printed, I just love this place because they offer great customer service, a huge variety of printing options and are great for one stop shopping!

- Over 200 + high resolution digital files which have been edited, enhanced and are ready to print.

- After you get all your images, pick up to 5 images that I will photoshop blemishes out of, add your name and year to, get rid of whispy hair, turn to black and white... whatever you want.

- Phone or e-mail consultation with senior to figure out how to best reflect their personality and get the most out of their session. I want the photos to be about them at this point in their lives, so this becomes a fun collaboration.

- No sales pitches, no hard core pressure tactics. You've already paid for you session fees and the digital files! You can order what you want, when you want.

Pricing for the Buddy or Romeo and Juliet senior photo package is


What does this price include?

- Two hours of shooting with a friend, a twin, a person of romantic interest... whoever makes you feel happy and comfortable!

- All of the above applies, but the longer time allows us to travel around a bit more and we can take some of that time to shoot the two of you together.

- It's a fun way to make the senior photo session even more fun!

Senior portrait sessions last an hour (which is usually about as much as YOU can tolerate!) and cost $300.

I have a list of locations near me that I love to shoot at the provide great backgrounds and we are welcome to shoot there.

If that seems like a lot of money for an hour's work, please understand that I put 5 or 6 hours into your session in order to get all your images perfect and ready to print!

WARNING TO PARENTS: My preference is to work with seniors solo. If you (or the senior) prefer that a parent be there, I'll put you to work schlepping! This is supposed to be a fun, ego boosting, confidence building event and I work closely with the senior to make sure they're involved in the process. If you are there to criticize, nit pick or tear down their self esteem, I will kindly ask you to leave the session!

What's not included?

Prints! You'll take it from there. A CD with all your ready to print images will arrive within two weeks of the shoot and you can then print to your heart's content without having to make appointments, without getting the hard sell, without being forced to buy prints you don't want or need in order to fit into a certain package.

Most clients tell me they end up saving over a thousand dollars in printing costs over using a regular studio.

    Please add $50 for sessions if your favorite area is 15 miles from Troy and you'd like me to travel to you. No more than 30 miles though!

The much need yearbook photo. Sorry, gang, this turned into a huge fiasco last year with certain moms wanting to turn this into free indoor portrait sessions and making me become the box type studio I most definitely am not! Too much work for way too much hassle!

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