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PRICING FOR DETROIT BASED PHOTO "BOOTH" STATION: The fee for the photobooth station for my wedding clients is $300 for three hours. I provide the backdrop, the props, a photographer to shoot and all of the images arrived ready to print with your wedding disk. They are yours to do with what you'd like, so if you'd like to post them online or print them as thank you cards, that's fine by me.

I thought this might be a great way to present the photobooth or photo booth photos that I offer as part of my Michigan wedding photographers package. The photobooth or photo booth is typically set up in a centrally located area that isn't in the way... in other words, it's often in a corner next to the bar where it's easy to spot and a nice distraction while wedding guests are waiting in line for their drinks. The photobooth works great for wedding guests who are slightly younger (although the older guests are quickly catching on to the idea of going and playing in the photo booth) and it creates a fun places for wedding guests to go play. My daughter Skye runs the booth and as shot all the images in both slideshows. She will politely recruit wedding guests to come visit the photobooth and she'll often start shooting them in three second intervals while they're "getting ready" for their photos. They quickly catch on that she's not only taking posed shots in the wedding photo booth, but that she's capturing the more candid moments as well.

We are not currently able to provide photos at the event the way a company like shutter booth does and our price reflects that (I charge roughly 1/4 of their fee). All the ready to print photobooth photos are included on my couple's final wedding photography disks and most couples chose a service of their liking to upload not only their wedding photos, but include the wedding photo booth images as well. They send out the link to all the wedding photos to their friends and family and folks can download images themselves. All we need to set up the photo booth is a nice corner against a fairly generic background and that's it! If you've noticed that both slideshows have songs that have the same title... it just describes what people like to do in the photobooth! Some people are not referring to this source of entertainment for their wedding guests as a photo station.

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