Strange and Crazy Detroit Photo "Booth" Antics

See the crazy things people do at Michigan photobooths...

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Here is a slideshow featuring the crazy antics that go on at our Detroit, Michigan photo "booth" slideshow. This slideshow is from several weddings my daughter, Skye Curtis ran during several weddings I shot in Michigan. Some people refer to this as a photobooth and others call it a photo booth (I guess it depends on which version of spell check you believe!). This is a photo station she sets up and runs, usually in the corner of a room. She's got studio lighting, great timing and is able to capture both the more typical posed shots as well as the shots leading up to a shot as well as the photobooth images that are captured after people assume she's done. She often takes them as a sort of stop action movie, which both guests and the wedding couple enjoy. This is not like Shutterbooth, which gives guests their photos on the spot as a souvenir, but all the photos are added to my couples wedding photography disks and you can upload them to your favorite site and have guests order to their heart's content.

This is helping Skye with her college fund and she's a very responsible person who is great at recruiting guests to come play at her photobooth or photo booth at the photo station. Skye is often stuck with me throughout the day when she's running the photobooth and so she ends up second shooting many ceremonies... which is a nice little perk that my wedding clients don't end up paying a dime for (yet!). Guests are encouraged to come play in the photobooth or photo booth as often as they like and to bring friends and family along. It's also a nice way to get larger group photos done in a friendly, casual kind of way. I don't need much room to set up the photo booth as a photo station... just a plug and a nice plain background. Usually both can be found in a corner near the bar. Both of these songs in the wedding photobooth share a title.... can you guess what that is? It describes what people do in the photo booth perfectly! All the wedding photobooth photos were shot by my lovely daughter Skye. She travels with me to shoot about a dozen Michigan weddings each year. You may find some of the crazy photobooth photos a bit distasteful, but that's all part of the fun (and alcohol induced behavior). Since these are not shot in a booth, they are witnessed for all to see (and top each other). Enjoy the show!

copyright Marci Curtis 2012

Michigan Wedding Photographers Photobooth or photo booth station samples from a photo station at various Michigan weddings.