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The Photo Booth slideshow features samples from a Detroit wedding, an anniversary party and a birthday party.

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I've been offering my own version of a photo booth to my Michigan wedding clients for over twelve years and have been adding features into the photo stations ever since. Last year I added in a backdrop and props and have discovered it's a great way to get your guests of all ages excited about coming to the photo booth. As you can see from these photobooth station slideshows, we can fit quite a few people into our "booth" and provide entertainment for everybody to see.

You provide the party and I'll provide the Detroit photo station, a photographer to run it along with backdrops, props and a fun way to entertain your guests. The photos are NOT printed that night, but do arrive within two weeks with your wedding disks. You can upload them to your favorite social media place or print them out and send them along as their thank you card. I charge $300 for my wedding clients for the 3 hour photobooth and $600 if you're not my wedding client.

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Michigan Wedding Photo Booth