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Michigan wedding photography from 2009 Michigan area weddings.

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I hope you're enjoying my wedding photography slideshow featuring Michigan wedding photography. I'm a Detroit based wedding photographer who added something like 15 new wedding albums featuring Michigan couple's wedding photography. All the wedding photos in this slideshow are pulled from weddings I shot around the state of Michigan. They aren't repeated in any of my other 2009 wedding album slideshows, sort of a "best of the rest" type slideshow. This year's music theme for my Michigan wedding photo portfolio slideshows features songs I hear at weddings a lot, but sung by someone else. I hear the same standards often and wanted to bring a different approach to old standards. I suppose that could also be said for my Detroit wedding photographer's shoooting style! I try to do things in a unique, unobtrustive way... to get it right the first time, to keep you enjoying the rhythm of your wedding day and to keep things upbeat and joyful. Hopefully that comes through in the wedding photos you see here.

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